To the Fore (破风) Gala Premiere and Movie Review


Director Dante Lam and Korean singer/actor Choi Siwon were in Singapore last week for their latest movie – “To the Fore” (破风) promotion held at Plaza Singapura. This gala premiere event has attracted a large crowd of Siwon fans in town and everyone is looking forward to see the charming casts in this adrenaline-packed cycling movie.

7 Reason why “To the Fore” (破风) is a must watch movie.

  1. Outstanding Landscape Scenery 
  2. Life Inspiring and Motivating
  3. Stunning Filming Techniques
  4. Outstanding Cinematography
  5. Kpop’s Choi Siwon “back-nude” body
  6. Unpredictable Story Twist
  7. Perfect Topic for Sport and Romance

To the Fore (破风) Movie Review:
Infusing with the world cyclists’ passion, Director Dante Lam has made a beautiful strike in his latest film, 破风 (To the Fore) in this summer. This sport and romance movie directed by Dante Lam and cast by Eddie Peng, Choi Siwon and Shawn Dou, leading a story of Friendship, Leadership and Sportsmanship.

To achieve the strong outstanding visual stimulation, this film has also taken place in various well-known countries such as Taiwan, Italy, Shanghai, Mongolia, Korea, Tenggar Desert, and Hong Kong and across more than 30 different cities. The director has also steer in his professional filming technique and art direction to capture the most stunning and spectacular climax in this movie.

To the Fore Movie has an amazing and unpredictable story twist which gave audiences a lively surprise. Likewise, this movie carried life inspiring and motivating spirits to encourage audiences not to give up on ambition and dream. Success comes with action, and action comes before dreams. “To the Fore” wants you to be brave and devoted in your passion.

To the Fore (破风) is definitely a must watch movie in this summer. I rate To the Fore (破风) movie 4.5/5 stars. The movie is now available at all Golden Village cinema theaters in Singapore.

To the Fore Movie Synopsis:
Eddie Peng, Choi Siwon and Shawn Dou, the sports movie TO THE FORE is directed by the highly reviewed director Dante Lam (UNBEATABLES, THE BEAST STALKER, etc). The movie, an intense sports drama set in the world of competitive cycling, is opening Asia-wide in August 2015!