The Problems of Shopping for Plus Size Clothing in Singapore

Plus Size Clothing

Problems of Shopping for Plus Size Clothing

Enter the small city-state of Singapore as a western woman and you’ll quickly find a big problem. There’s little to no plus size clothing options! Yes, there’s lots of shopping centres but you’ll find it full with only regular-sized clothing. So what is a plus-size woman do? With the boom of e-commerce offering plus-size specialty stores like Pluspreorder, things are finally starting to change.

Say goodbye to frumpy styles and the regular dull colours and prints. Online stores are offering younger and bolder designs. Certain big size stores are offering only body hugging and sexy styles, empowering the woman with curves to flaunt their assets. Hot pink and neon yellow are commonly offered colour. From a wide selection of styles from vintage to modern, plus size woman can finally dress in any style they desire.

Plus size dresses

A top-selling clothing item for women is the dress. Plus size dresses as offered by the online stores are proving popular. A popular online brand, Plussy, focuses on plus size dresses and regularly sells out on their designs. A loyal fan base keeps the brand going. Another famous online brand, PAB, sells plus size dresses for evening occasions. A sorely lacking clothing option, their fan base is growing strongly day by day.

Dressing for the office used to be a chore. It’s common to see plus-size working ladies wear generic apparel. Nowadays you can see these ladies wear a plethora of clothing styles that truly reflect their taste.

Beyond that, these online stores are showcasing their products as worn by ‘real’ women. There’s no photoshopping in the images of this revolutionizing brands. Love handles and lady lumps are showcased in all their natural beauty. This proves extra convincing to potential customers as they get to picture the clothing as if they are wearing them.


The revenue for these plus size stores show just how much the plus size women of Singapore appreciate this new growth in options. Year on year, the revenue of Singaporean online stores in the plus-size niche is growing on an average of 200%.

Another problem plus size women faced is that the ‘Extra-large’ size you find in stores are minutely close to a ‘Medium’ in stores in overseas brands. The plus size online stores have taken note of this jarring issue and produce clothing in line with international sizing. A popular sizing familiar with extra sized women in Singapore is the UK sizing. It’s common to find plus size specialty online stores offering sizes starting from UK 14. Certain online stores make it a point to offer extra-large sizes that cannot be found in any retail stores in Singapore. Plus 30 is an online plus size fashion store that offers only

It is much relief of plus size women that new options are springing up. For a developed city-state, Singapore is not too developed in its apparel offering for plus size women. Thankfully, things are starting to change for the better with the advent of technology!