Smooth Scoot Flight Experience from Korea to Singapore


Its late night in Korea, the moment where people returning home. We arrived at Korea Incheon Airport to check-in our luggage at the Scoot counter. The Scoot Airline must be good! Although the queue was long but their service was fast and efficient. Hence, this reduces our time in waiting.

Due to flight delay, away from the boarding time was a distance. We slacked at the holding point, used the free internet Wi-Fi while waiting for plane to arrive.

Time passed midnight, finally we onboard the Scoot plane! Yay ~ The Scoot air stewardess always ensure their passenger safety. All rounded preparation was always be ready before taking off the plane and Yes! Scoot welcome you come to travel with your baggage! Check out the Baggage information here: [Click Here]

Many empty seat beside me! Haha

Extra legroom space is awesome

Flying thought the lonely midnight might be bored without any short of entertainment. I am glad that Scoot provides games and entertainments service for passenger to kill their boredom. I got my Scoot Inflight Entertainment pass on hand, connected to my ipad and watched some show on the ScooTV while travelling back to Singapore.

Time flies, halfway along the journey we were exhausted… The comfortable seat and cooling ambient had made me dozed off instantly into a deeper sleep… Hahaha I guess my partner did dozed off too… lol 😛

The buttons for service and light adjustment to suit your comfort zone.

I could say that it was a smooth Scoot flight experience for us from Singapore to Korea and from Korea back to Singapore. Thank You Scoot for the wonderful flight journey! The verdict of travelling with Scoot airline is that although it is known as budget airline but it makes you feel more precious than budget. ^^

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Pardon my sleepy look! xD