Food Review: Singapore’s First Collagen Hotpot Buffet at Momiji Shabu Shabu

Momiji Shabu Shabu, which is newly established, promise a wonderful gourmet experience to the Singaporeans, offering Singapore’s first-ever collagen hotpot buffet. Complementing the collagen soup are over 100 items including delicatessens such as Kurobuta pork, half-shell scallops, deep red sea prawns, Asari clams and more. A splendid indulgence at an affordable price!

The divine soup base is made of collagen pudding, which is the culmination of six hours of simmering kampong chicken, where chicken bones are fully dissolved and every bit of goodness goes into the broth. Fresh vegetables are also added to provide more nutrition and flavours. The broth is then cooled, solidifying into a silky smooth pudding that brims with collagen.

Patrons can take the enjoyment up a notch with the Himalayan Pink Salt: a natural and pure mineral substance gathered from the Himalayas. Other than the Himalayan Pink Salt, patrons can customise the flavour of the soup to their liking with Collagen Shoyu or Hot Kimchee Paste.

There are over 100 items to tuck into, from a wide variety of sushi to bouncy fish balls, handmade bamboo meat pastes to crunchy vegetables, perfectly sliced shabu shabu and fresh seafood, etc. Pair these delicious ingredients with the unique dipping sauce you create from a total of 12 different dipping sauce choices! Warm desserts and ice cream are also available to complete the meal.

Special Deal:For every two person dining in, customers can get a complimentary premium item of either wagyu beef or snow crab. So make your way to Momiji Shabu Shabu today!

Operating Hours and Price List:

Momiji Shabu Shabu
Balestier Shaw Plaza #04-01 (S) 329783
Telephone No.: 6258 3398
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Momiji Shabu Shabu