Jay Chou (周杰倫) 公主病 Princess Syndrome Music Video


Woohoo! JVR Company has unveiled Jay Chou (周杰倫) latest music video –公主病 (Princess Syndrome) on their official JVR Youtube website today. YES! I totally like the way this music video begin because the idea is same as my imagination.

Lovely music video started off with a cute voice followed by the happening among the three story scenario and of course the pinky hello kitty surrounded by the two little couple. It was a great appearance and it has brought out the taste of princess Syndrome. Without further do, lets check out the公主病 music video below here:

公主病 Music Video Synopsis:
「陽光宅男」的女生版「公主病」,輕快的搖滾曲風是陽光宅男的姐妹作,開頭按照慣例要來段巨砲的OS,這次加入聲音演出的小女生,可愛的童音說著自己得了「公主病」好不了¬, 看來只能用情歌來治療;曬太陽、學衝浪、單手扛衝浪板都是為了這位公主喜歡陽光男孩,「說一千遍愛你 這都不是問題 我用音樂來治你的公主病」、「沒關係我愛你 就算你愛自己 痘痘幫你擠趕走壞壞脾氣」、看似為了愛情暈頭轉向的陽光男孩,整首歌卻充滿甜滋滋的愛情滋味,原來女生的公主病其實是被男生寵出來的!