Kirin Draft: Enjoy the Freshest Premium Japanese Beer Straight from the Tap


On the 21st December 2011 – Asia Pacific Breweries has launches the Kirin Draft in Singapore. This is good news for the beer drinkers and now they have another reason to raise their glasses to the festival season with the premium taste of Japan’s leading brew now available in draft.

With a heritage dating back to 1888, Kirin is one of Japan’s long-standing and most-loved beers. Kirin remains the only brewery that produces beer made from 100% malt via the unique First Press Process: an exacting brewing process which extracts the purest and most flavourful portion of the finest ingredients.

The combination of the First Press Process and 100% malt is what sets Kirin Ichiban apart from other beers, and makes up the rich, as well as clear and refreshing taste discerning beer drinkers have come to love.

Draft beer has been savoured all over the world for years for its fresh and flavorful taste that is a result of the draft also known as draught beer process. This method of housing the freshly produced beer in an almost oxygen starved container that dispenses the brew straight from the tap before serving ensures that the drinker only gets the freshest, most authentic taste. Kirin’s Draft dispensing system enables the prevention of oxidation by air discharge and CO2 distribution resulting in only the purest, richest glass of premium Japanese beer.

The burgeoning recognition of Kirin’s heritage and quality prompted APB to bring the brand under its portfolio of global, regional and local beers – designed to cater to every preference and drinking occasion.

With 2011 seeing APB becoming the primary distributor of Kirin in Singapore with its island wide launch of Kirin Ichiban in August 2011, APB is proud to bring Kirin Draft to selected outlets in Singapore this December with plans to continue catering to the growing needs of Asian beer consumers.

Kirin lovers no longer need to wait for a trip to Japan before satiating their thirst for this unique Japanese beer, and can savor this premium brew anytime, with a comprehensive range of Kirin beer now is available all over Singapore.