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lucky boy movie

Lucky Boy Movie 2017

Are you feeling lucky today? Thank you Clover Films for this lucky moment! The Lucky Boy is a comedy-romantic movie directed by Director, Boris Boo and lead casts by Wang Wei Liang, Venus Wong, Jeremy Chan and Terence Then.

The Lucky Boy Movie 2017
Wang Wei Liang and Venus Wong

I am totally in love with this movie as it brings back my childhood memories. From eyes candid, developing into friendship and brittle-sweet lover, the process of this young relationship is going make you laugh and tear in the theatre. With immediate effect, I rate the Lucky Boy movie full score 5/5. The Lucky Boy movie release in Singapore cinema theatres on 18 May 2017.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. Here are the key points on why the Lucky Boy Movie deserves a full score rating:

Lucky Boy Movie Singapore

Nostalgic School Days
Nostalgic always hits the deep feeling of human memories. The Lucky Boy movie brings you back to the olden school days where you experience your first love.

lucky boy movie

The Face Expression and Emotional Feeling
The second score for Lucky Boy movie will be the face expression between the actors and actress that hits audiences’ emotional feeling. Some of us may tear half way through the movie because of certain family problem or relationship occur in our memory or even the real-life experiences that we have faced in the stressful modern society nowadays. The movie OST songs (对面的女孩看过来 and 关怀方式) also play an important role too!

Lucky boy movie SG

Sense of Humor
The sense of humor between the 3 gentlemen in the Lucky Boy movie will make you laugh out loud in the theatre.

Lucky boy movie

“Sex sells” Element
Most guys await scenes! ‘Bikini’, ‘Boob’ and ‘Seductive and sexy girls’ are the common “sex sells” topic that shown in a romantic movie. In Lucky Boy, director Boris Boo captures the perfect angle to portray the “sexy” part of this movie.

Venus Wong aka Qing Qing

If you think the Lucky Boy used only one or two languages throughout their entire movie, that’s wrong! The answer is 4! There are English, Mandarin, Malay and Japanese language used in the movie. That’s an interesting twist and I really admire the “girl” who speaks Japanese in the movie. *No spoiler* Go find out why Venus Wong aka Qing Qing speaks in Japanese!

The Lucky Boy

The Kiss
Throughout the 2 hours film, everyone will be waiting for this scene! Well, if you are one who is watching the Lucky Boy movie, you will definitely have the same feeling too.

Lucky boy

The Lucky Boy Movie Synopsis:

LUCKY BOY chronicles several decades of the lives of Lin Yu (Wang Weiliang), his family, friends and Qingqing (Venus Wong) – the girl whom he falls in love with in primary school and continues pinning for throughout his tumultuous and eventful life. Lin Yu is always one step behind others and surrounded by misfortune… Will Lin Yu, the destined “unlucky” boy, be able to change his fate?

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