Discover the History, Arts, Food, and Culture at Hong Kong’s Old Town Central

Pottinger Street

Hong Kong City

Central is full of history and stories, and is the birthplace of colonial Hong Kong. It reflects the evolution of Hong Kong from a sleepy British colony to one of the world’s great cities. It is the perfect starting point for the visitors to explore Hong Kong from the stunning skyline to the city’s culture and entertainment.

Visitors can follow the 5 “Old Town Central” walking guide to discover the history, arts, food and culture and the hidden gems in Central and neighbouring Sheung Wan area.

The 5 “Old Town Central” Walking Routes:
Hong Kong Chu Wing Kee
Chu Wing Kee, a store on Possession Street, has a 60-year history.

1. Heritage: Time Traveller
From Possession Point to the Tai Ping Shan area. The journey leads you through some of the city’s oldest streets and offers glimpses of what life was like when the future world city was still in its infancy.

Hong Kong Hollywood Road
Hollywood Road, where upscale galleries meet street art.

2. Art: Crazy for Art
Take a stroll down the Hollywood Road, one of the oldest streets in Hong Kong, lined with galleries offering a huge range of artworks, from ancient to contemporary and from Asian to Western. Enjoy the creative graffiti art on the walls of the many side alleys leading off the street.

Hong Kong dining
Traditional dai pai dongs, for a Hong Kong-style alfresco dining experience.

3. Dining: Tasting Hong Kong
Central is a paradise for food lovers, offering a world of choices only steps from each other. From traditional dim sum and international and fusion cuisine to local dai pai dongs and street food, there’s something to appeal to every taste.

Tai Ping Shan Street
The blue-clad vintage store In Between and the green shopfront of Tallensia Floral Art on Tai Ping Shan Street in the PoHo area.

4. Treasure Hunt: Hidden Gems in Back Alleys
This route takes you to Upper Lascar Row, which has a fascinating mix of antiques; a blooming creative neighborhood on Tai Ping Shan Street and in the PoHo area, where design studios are nestled between teahouses; and the Bridges Street area, where visitors can find second-hand books, knickknacks and reminders of the city’s past.

Hong Kong hipster

5. Something for Everyone
This walk covers the top landmarks and points of interests from each thematic route and is perfect for visitors who have limited time to explore the area.