The Eyes Diary Movie Review


The Eyes Diary Movie Review:
To fear out your soul with panic visual, The Eyes Diary is one of the worth watching romance-horror movie released today. The Eyes Diary directed by director’s Chookiat Sakverakul, telling a story of Nott (Punjan) losing her beloved girlfriend’s Pla and with the abomination curse happened between them during the accident, he was unable to see his girlfriend again. However, Nott never give up in finding his way to see his girlfriend again…

The Eyes Diary movie has a good storyline and smooth cinematography. The climax of this movie is unpredictable and it contains of fear and good humored mix feeling which give audiences a balance sentiment. Hence, I rate The Eyes Diary movie: 3.5/5 star. The Eyes Diary movie will be releasing in Singapore in Cathay Cineplexes movie theater from 27th November 2014.

The Eyes Diary Movie Synopsis:
Three months ago, a couple, Nott(Porama “Panjan” Imanothai) and Pla (Focus Jeerakul) gets into a fatal motorcycle accident where Pla died. Feeling guilty and despair over his girlfriend death, Nott tries to find ways to meet his Pla again, even if it means seeing her as a ghost.

The young man sets out to find a way that will enable him to open his eyes to the realm of the dead. He finally joins a body-collecting unit – a volunteer work that deals with picking up the corpses. Nott secretly collects personal objects of dead people who die of violent deaths, in the hope that they would help him to make contact with the spirits – and thus he would be able to see Pla again. Meanwhile, his friends who share the house with him encounter creepy incidents that prompt them to move out. Only MODTA (Chonnikarn Netjui), a female friend, understands Nott’s suffering and tries to help him.

Nott’s close friend, JOHN (Kittisak Patomburana), who works at the body-collecting unit with him warns Nott to stop trying and quit all the dark activities because they’re too dangerous. Nott doesn’t listen to him, and instead he intensifies his efforts to contact the world of the spirits. All he wants is to confront the most vicious ghosts since he believes it’s the only way he’ll be able to talk to Pla again.

Love and guilt drive Nott to take the most dangerous step. What he doesn’t know is that Pla has been watching him from the “other side”. The fate of the two young lovers are forever entwined in life and in death.