Taiwan Travelogue: Nalu Camping (小路) in Taichung Xinshe


Brighten up your day with refreshing and greenery scenic ambiance. During my Taiwan trip in Taichung Xinshe, I am glad to visit this very interesting place called ‘Nalu’ (Trail). This camping site is located in between the mountains with cool serenity Lake scenery and nestled in the comfortable green grass, the wide outdoor space is definitely a good choice for you host a barbecue event or even family and friend outdoor bonding activities.

Nalu Camping Welcome to Nalu, Japanese known as (Secret Base)

Nalu camping
Nalu camping
Let’s walk along the trail of the camping site.
Nalu camping taiwan
Insect Repellent are available in certain section
Insect Repellent
Climbing up the hill to get a good view of Nalu Landscape!
Taichung Xinshe

People always like travel with comfort! Likewise in this “Secret Base” (Nalu), it provides sufficient health material and safety caution for visitors to carry out their outdoor activities. Hence, not to worry if your phone engage poor signal because they have FREE WIFI too!

Taichung Xinshe

Nalu (小路) Guide Map
Nalu map
greenery scenic
Taiwan Travelogue

Follow the Nalu guide map to reach your destination. While walking up the hill, you will notice little creature jumping and flying along the trail, it looks magical and of course, you need to climb even higher to see the wonderful landscape of Xinshe.

Nalu camping

Photo with Jasper at the top of Nalu!
Hp and Jasper
Let your soul balance with nature ~
top of nalu
Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.
Our group photo at Nalu (小路)! A fruitful day!
Taichung Xinshe


Nalu Camping Location Address:
No.6-2, Shishuike, Xinshe Dist.,
Taichung City 426, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours:
Open from Saturday 10 AM to Sunday 5 PM and on holidays
Official Website: www.nalu.com.tw