Backup and Recover Your Data with Acronis


In this modern world, advancing of technologies has changes our lifestyle and mindset perspective in term of a smallest storage device can store up to a million human life memories. There is a point of time, a friend of mine came toward me sadly and said that his computer data was wipe out completely due to system failure. Likewise, another friend of mine also came to me with a heartbroken face, telling me that her memory card data was gone.

So the first question came into my mind was… 
Do you backup your data?” 
And their answer was… 

Well, have you ever thought of one day you might lose your precious memories just in a blink of eye?  Therefore, it is always a good practice to backup your data frequently to prevent unnecessary sadness in life!

There is a way of saying that; you need to protect yourself in order to protect the others. Likewise this same theory goes to backup your devices. You need to protect your data in order to share your data to the others.

Hence, not to worry about the situation, because it is not going to happen again! Introducing you guys the world prominent backup storage – The Acronis! A piece of license that changes your life! ^^

What is Acronis?
Acronis is leading backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access provider to consumers, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis products provide easy, complete, and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud, and mobile devices. When it comes to new generation data protection, Acronis is the undisputed leader.

From here, let me recommend you guys the Acronis True Image Unlimited! It is a full system image backup protects not just your data, but everything on your computer. The highlight of this also allow you to save your entire system to the secure Acronis cloud with no space limitations, and you may access your data at anytime and anywhere
Storage backup is a very important task to me as I do videography as well as my own mini business, every day there will be new data stored in my computer device. Hence, it is a must for me to backup those data to somewhere safe and trustable. I am glad that I got introduced to Acronis and I have been using the Acronis True Image Unlimited for almost 2 month, to backup my individual file and entire computer system too.

The Acronis True Image Unlimited is available on Windows and Mac operating system. To be honest, I am very happy with this product because it is user-friendly, speedy and lag-free. My data backup experience with Acronis was amazing, as such when I was transferring a 1TB data onto the Acronis Cloud; it only took me 5 minute to complete the whole process. Now, let me share with you guys the top 7 Key Features in Acronis True Image Unlimited.

7 Key Features for Acronis True Image Unlimited

Full System Image Backup
One CLICK and EVERYTHING on your computer will backup to the Acronis Clouds. It has unique technology that will backup your entire system and allow you to start working, creating and playing quickly. You can also access any individual file at anytime and anywhere and know that you always have the latest version of your data on hand.

Universal Restore
Without any doubt, you are able to move your system from one PC to another regardless of manufacturer and choose from up to 20 previous system states to restore.

Easy Recovery
Not to worry if your PC or Mac is lost, stolen or destroyed. With this feature, you will be able to restore your entire system including documents, software programme as well as website password of your PC or Mac at anywhere and anytime from the cloud or your local storage.

Easy to Use
Acronis True Image Unlimited is designed with user-friendly interface, intuitive, automated and a very understandable and straight forward instruction for consumers. Everything is within just a CLICK!

Parallels Compatible
If you work with Parallels Desktop 9 or later, your virtual system is backed up exactly the same way as your Mac.

Unlimited Cloud Backup
Backup data to an external hard drive isn’t enough. Therefore, this allows you to save your whole system to a secure cloud with no space limitations, and access it anytime and anywhere in the world.

Fastest Upload Speed
This is one of my favourite features because it helps me save up lots of waiting time when backup my entire data onto the cloud. With the new improved uploading technology, Acronis True Image Unlimited uses the fastest upload speeds in the industry.

Of course, there are many more built-in features in Acronis True Image Unlimited!

My Verdict:
Backup entire systems with Acronis True Image Unlimited not only save up my waiting time but concurrently it also help to protect my privacy data. With the user-friendly interface, simple instruction and unlimited storage, Acronis True Image Unlimited is definitely a good choice! I am able to access my individual file anytime and anywhere I go in this world. Well, I hope you guys know the importance and easy ways to backup your data. Get Backup with Acronis True Image Unlimited today! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Cheers! ^^