South Korea Suncheon Trip Day 4: Naganeupseong Folk Village


Woohoo! Welcome back to my South Korea travel blog! Hope you have read my Korea Day 3 Trip! Today I will be continue sharing my South Korea trip Day 4 and this time round, we had travelled from Tongyeong to Suncheon City, Southern Part of South Korea.

Yup! It’s another long journey! We bought the highway express bus tickets from Tongyeong Central bus Terminal cost at 8500 KRW and the travel time from Tongyeong to Suncheon was about 2 hours. After we had touch down at Suncheon Central Bus Terminal, we took a cab to our hotel destination – Venezia Hotel, one of the famous hotels in Suncheon.

Traditional Korean Bibimbap for lunch

Welcome to the village! Yes! For the day 4 happening, we had visited Naganeupseong Folk Village, one of the well-known tourist attraction places in Suncheon. I was surprise when I first step into the Naganeupseong Folk Village, it was a peaceful moment as you can see a group of folks happily sitting down and chatting among themselves. Life was very relaxing with their traditional village culture.

Ticket entry to Naganeupseong Folk Village

Direction Directory 

We were lucky enough to chance upon the rehearsal

Wow! Marvelous!

Beautiful Village of Huts selling Korea Traditional Korea Souvenir!

Haha yup! I am eating Ice Cream in the Cold Weather! Yummy! ^^

Gorgeous Huts Village!

Let’s walk along the greenery village

Tap water for washing your hands

Recycle rubbish bin

Hence, we saw lots of gorgeous huts village as we walked along the path of Naganeupseong Folk Village and deeper in, there were some historical statue display as well as the sigh-seeing nature landscape.

Ready to enter the palace!

Punishment Hall in Naganeupseong Folk Village

Photo with one of the guy met at Naganeupseong Folk Village

Photo with the Friendly Policeman at Korea Police Station! LOL!

This was my first time visiting Suncheon City and my impression in Suncheon was full of joys, very peaceful environment and people there were living with healthy lifestyle. It was an eye-opener for me to absorb this fruitful moment in my life. Thank You KTO Singapore for the sponsored trip and next destination in Suncheon, I will be sharing my tour at Suncheon Bay Garden Expo! Stay Tune! ^^