Re-opening of Golden Village Jurong Point at Jurong Point Shopping Centre


Singapore, 1st May 2012 – The GV Jurong point had been renovating for about three month with a contribution of $4.5 million dollar and today, the Re-opening of GV Jurong Point has welcome back the residents living in Jurong west that promise an enhanced a better movie viewing experience at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

The newly-renovated GV Jurong point has upgraded in its luxurious camatic cinema seats, digital cinema screens and used 7.1 Dolby Sound systems with premium-grade EAW speakers from United States. In addition, it has total capacity of 1062 seats with 14 berths set aside for wheelchair-bound patrons.

However, the aim of renovating and upgrading for GV Jurong Point not only enhance the overall out look display of Golden Village in the west but it also want to give residents living in the west for a most comfortable and wonderful movie experience with their family and friends.

Key features of GV Jurong Point have improved in its overall amenities:

  • 6 fully digital cinema halls
  • 1062 seats
  • 14 wheelchair berths
  • Legroom space is 1.1m, compared to 0.90 previously
  • Stadium seating
  • Wider and more luxurious Camatic Cinema seats
  • Wall-to-wall Spectro screens
  • 7.1 Dolby Sound System
  • Refurbished box office, common areas, washrooms and candy bar counter

GV Jurong point is located at 1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-01/26 at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.


  1. Wow! I truly love to go shopping mall that’s why I am very glad to discover your blog. Many of us we love shopping even without anybody to buy and it is sometimes we go mall just to meet friends or just for a family bonding and eating. How I wish to visit in Jurong Point Shopping Centre and this was very luxurious and newly renovated.