Guinness Live Competition: Regine from Team Shanghai Dolly VS Alfred from Team Firefly


Singapore Guinness Live Competition next stop bring you to Shanghai Dolly Bar located at Clarke Quay! It was a relaxing hard rock night with a group of good friends drinking with the Guinness Beer and enjoying the live rock band and Guinness Live Competition atmosphere at Shanghai dolly.

The two competition singer of the night was Regine from Team Shanghai dolly and Alfred from team firefly and both of them sing really awesome! Audience below the stage can’t stop cheering and shouting for them, it leads to a greater supporter of their live performance.

Guinness Live competition started off with Alfred followed by Regine. I love all the song they had been singing tonight because all were my favourite song and I can say that both of them singing skill were at the professional level. *Rock it on* Well, Regine today had faced her real opponent.

It was a hard time for audience and judges to decide who the winner of the night, however as the judges overall review and commendation, the final result winner goes to Alfred from Firefly Team who won the singing of the night with the score of 88 point. Congratulation to Alfred!