Camping: The 10 Mistakes to Avoid to Enjoy Your Tent Holiday

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Tent Holiday

This year you have decided to spend a holiday in camping? It is certainly an economic, fun and adventurous alternative, suitable for those who want to rediscover a more direct contact with the natural and for those who dream of sleeping under the stars. But camping holidays must be planned in time and with the utmost organization so as not to forget anything essential and not to be in difficulty when you arrive. Here are the most common mistakes you should avoid.

● Inadequate equipment
● Tent too small
● Rely only on barbecue
● Forget the torches
● To arrive late
● Unsuitable mattress
● Forget books and pastimes
● Disorganization
● Very light clothing
● Destinations too far away

Inadequate equipment

Is everything ready to go? Some campers go through a real puzzle phase to be able to load all the luggage for the holidays on the “Tetris” style car, but they forget a fundamental trick: test each tool before departure. Check, for example, that the gas stove works, that the hinges of the sleeping bags are not broken and that the tent is really rainproof and without damaged parts that could cause it to break.

Tent too small

Those who are beginners with camping may not be able to evaluate the most suitable size for the tent to choose from. Check this website to get some knowledge about tents. This is an event mainly linked to online purchases. Better to buy your tent in a physical store, in order to touch the materials of which it is made. There are also more or less light or waterproof curtains. The models not only vary according to the size, but also according to the seasons and temperatures expected for the place where you will be staying. Better to take into account all these aspects to choose the best. Here is a useful guide to do it

Rely only on barbecue

Relying only on barbecuing and making a campfire for cooking may not be a good idea. First of all, in the area where you decide to camp, it may be forbidden to light fires. Furthermore, not all camping areas have areas designed for barbecues. Not to mention that eating for a week or more only grilled food could become boring and unhealthy. Think of alternatives and bring a camping gas stove with you. It may be useful to follow the advice of the cookbook “The King of the stove” .

Forget the torches

In the most romantic view of the campsite, you can rest in the moonlight and make yourself light thanks to a beautiful bonfire. But the reality is quite different. Do not forget that you will need torches in the evening and during the night, both inside the tent and to move around the campsite. For example, how could you reach the toilet in the dark on a dimly lit campsite at night? Bring all you need in time and check that the torches are working before leaving.

To arrive late

Try never to go camping late in the evening. You will need the maximum available light, time and tranquility to set up the tent and to equip yourself for the night and for the next meals. Try to arrive early especially if you have not booked your pitch, in order to ensure a good place. Also, if you are traveling with children, stop for lunch before arriving at the campsite, especially if you plan that setting up your field kitchen and cooking will take you a long time.

Unsuitable mattress

If your camping stay lasts a few days, you cannot neglect to bring everything you need to rest in the best way. Otherwise you will not be able to sleep well and suffer from back pain. Maybe you are used to minimal baggage for walking in the mountains, but if you leave by car, bring mattresses and mattresses of the right thickness and warm or light sleeping bags depending on the season and place of stay.

Forget books and pastimes

Books and pastimes are essential when camping. You have to take into account the possibility of going to a rainy day and consider that children are likely to get bored quickly. So, it will be essential to bring with you books to read, playing cards, toys and board games, but also sheets, crayons and markers to commit the time of the little ones.


The camping holiday requires a great organization, especially if it is the first trip in a tent. Over time you will experience and understand what is essential and what you can leave out. But don’t forget to prepare a list of everything you need to bring with you in time and check it very well before leaving. Also organize meals before departure, with various hypotheses depending on the ingredients and cooking tools you will have available.
Very light clothing

In summer and with a favorable climate, especially if you camp in a seaside area, you will take advantage of light clothes, but do not forget that the climate can vary and that the evenings and nights can be much cooler than the day. So, don’t forget to bring heavy clothes to protect you from the cold, waterproof jackets for rain and sturdy shoes for trekking.

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Destinations too far away

If you decide to go camping for the first time, do not choose destinations too far from home or periods longer than a week, especially if you are not endowed with a great spirit of adventure. Your first camping experience will have to represent a sort of test that will prepare you for longer tent holidays. The advice is to start with a weekend away, so that you can come home in case of emergencies or problems.