Asiasoft Unveil the Launch of AIKASEA EPIC II


From the Press Release:
13 December 2011, Singapore and Malaysia – Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”) today announces the launch of AIKASEA EPIC II with massive new content, including updates to – maps & towns, level caps with new equipment and skills, quests and dungeons, enhanced features, and the final evolution of the beloved Pran companion.

The first part of AIKASEA EPIC II, Leopold brings Elters to the frozen wasteland of Leopold. In Leopold, stakes are raised with the new level cap raised to 75, together with new mounts, equipment and skills in order to battle the new monsters in the new dungeon, the Cave of Lycans.

Via the new air transportation system known as the Air Carrack, Elters can reach Leopold by boarding the ship from Basilan. Upon reaching the treacherous icy territories, Elters will discover new equipment – the Ancient Set and Ancient Honor Set and stunningly glorious mounts including the Blood Maharaja, Royal Gringolet, Rainbow Pauny and more. Coupled with the new level cap of 75, Elters will need to put the new skills to good use when battling the Royal Monsters, Jerennis Janus and Jerennis Roshan in the Cave of Lycans.

After surviving the weather and creatures of Leopold, Elters will next come to Antal-ya, the only town in Karena where Elters will have to put their lives on the line as they protect the Photon Canon from the Assault Monsters and reclaim Verus Castle.

In the second part of the AIKASEA EPIC II update, Elters will first find themselves defending Antal-ya from new mutant monsters & field bosses. They will also take part in the Reverse Battle, conquer the Ariela Dungeon and make it safely to the Spiral Road Dungeon where they will come face to face with Farel in a bid to defeat him, once and for all.

In addition, Elters can also look forward to the achievement items that will be awarded upon completion of various daily quests. With the level capped at 80, each unique class also receives three new skills that includes ‘Howl of Blood’ for Warrior, ‘Devine Charge’ for Crusader, ‘Ghost Stance’ for Sniper, ‘Chain Reaction’ for Dual Gunner, ‘Luinous Thunder’ for Night Magician and ‘Glories Flowers’ for Priest.

Renewal in EPIC II will allow Elters to experience fishing for the first time in AIKASEA. With a fishing rod and baits in hand, Elters can fish at different fisheries offering different scenaries for rare and unique rewards.

Last but not least, the time has finally arrived for every Elter’s pint-sized fairy companion to grow into an Adult Pran. Teenage Prans will need to aid their masters on the journey to craft the Pran Evolution Stone before they can finally transform into the adult form. With the transformation, each Pran will gain adult wings, with a style based on her personality, and dress up in stylish new costumes and accessories augmented through the new Pran Enchantment System that gives stat boosts.

“AIKASEA is the first, and so far, only localized version of AIKA in the world to release the contents of Leopold, Karena and Renewal entirely in one single, massive patch.” said Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. “We take our feedback from the players of AIKASEA very seriously and the decision to release all of the contents at one go was based primarily on the gamers’ preference.”