American Dreams In China (中国合伙人) Movie Review


American Dreams In China 《中国合伙人》 is the latest movie directed by the award winning Hong Kong director, Peter Chan (陈可辛).  The movie is a based on a real-life story of a mainland Chinese teacher who rose to become one of China’s wealthiest men through his English-language tutorial centers.  American Dreams in China, sees a trio of idealistic young men – Cheng Dongqing (Huang Xiaoming, 黃曉明), Wang Yang (Tong Dawei, 佟大為) and Meng Xiaojun (Deng Chao, 鄧超) , where friendship is being tested on fortune & fame in pursuit of  their dreams.

My first thought of the movie, is that, this must be the typical dream chasing movie which talks about overcoming the difficulties that faced along the journey to fulfilling the dreams, which might be a bit draggy if not managed well. However, the very first 10 mins of the movie proved me wrong!  The cinema theatre is soon filled with laughter, and throughout the session!  Mind you, this is not a purely comedy film. While much humor has been injected to the film, the movie is rather heart-warming and touches on various topics like –  money, love, pursuit, friends, etc, in the 112 mins film.

The choice of film scores are great as the songs greatly connect to the people and brings out the momentum of the film.

Besides, there have been quite a numbers of classic quotes throughout the movie that truly inspire one, such as: 
“失败并不可怕,可怕的是害怕失败。”  (Failure is not terrible, terrible is the fear of failure. )
“在失败中寻找胜利,在绝望中寻求希望。” (Seek victory in failure. Seek hope in despair.)

Nonetheless, the scriptwriter should be given a big credit for inputting so many interesting dialogue and classic quotes througout the movie that left a deep impression for many!

This is a rather inspirational movie, which aims to tell one that, for those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win.
I’ll rate the movie 3.75/5 and highly recommended it, especially to those, who are now feeling lost and despair; this movie may somehow inspire you.

The official release date of the movie will be 19 September 2013, do catch it in the cinema and you will not regret for sure!

Last but not least, thanks Clover Films for the invitation to the Special Preview of American Dreams In China 《中国合伙人》! 

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