Visited my grandma hus


Visited my grandma hus,
Brought new shirt from GoldLion.

Its rainy sunday. reached my grandma hus in the afternoon and had my lunch there. Well, Kinda bored, so went down to AMk hub to shop with my cousin,aunt and sister. Brought something and back to home. As soon as dinner time coming, ate my dinner around 5pm plus and after eating, me, my sis, qing yi and xiao yi decided to go bishan junction 8 to shop.

Chirstmas is coming. So have u brought ur Xmas present? haha! yea..Today went to buy a long sleeved shirt from goldLion shop located at Bishan Junction 8. Somehow dunno why, i like GoldLion Long and short sleeved shirt alot..lols, Maybe is their auxiliary impress my mind.haha…Well, Brought a shirt cost around $79. And, I might be wearing to the Nuffnang Vpost Xmas Party! HoHoHo~! haha…

Alright, end here for today! tml i will post about Xmas coming in Vpost DXO!
check it out for tml post! Might be interesting to you! hahaha…