Write what i say


Having Holiday time,
Write what i say, view what you see.

Monday and i am totally in my holiday mood. lols, Currently start design for my next coming up header? maybe advertiser! lols. wanna try different thing. Well, morning watch some taiwanese drama and editing some picture using photoshop. Soon in Afternoon, met jianhao and went to service my SE phone at simei. I ask the person and she said nid five working day for the service…After that, met jerome for chat and drink. Kinda boring i know and tat all, i came back around 5pm.

Well! Nuffnang X’mas party is coming in 5days time. Afternoon recevied the confirmation email from nuffnang. haha, i invited all my friends with age above 18. So dont worry, haha…Ok lets change topic here…

For the past few day, i had been busying due to my late coming back to home as well as designing. But for today, just wanna wrote out something which i wanna say.

Morning, i had visited some of the people blog, from nuffnang innit and friendster. lols, mostly ppl visit blog will see wad they wrote or picture right? but for me, for today, i visited blog just to listen song! LOL…PS for not reading the post cos during my blog visiting, on the other hand i was editing my picture. haha, overall not bad ar…

Somehow i dunno why, love shopping alot. Maybe is due to the X’mas day coming, the promotion on shirts,pants,shoes,accessory and so on…most of the shop item price drop 20% – 40%. Anyway i called it Promotion Season! haha…Next week got to work and refill my money liao…

Next thing wanna talk about. This coming Nuffnang Chirstmas party @ DXO. Age limit 18 and above. As we know, people who received nuffnang email mean they are invited to the party. but somehow the wearing will follow the letter they give you. My got Letter [O]. Stun man! Letter O seem to be diffcult in wearing…other than orange shirt? i think no more liao… LOL! How about MAKING A COSPLAY ON OBAMA and OSAMA? lols both start with letter O wad…But dunno la, if cosplay this 2 character i think wanna enter MRT also got problem ar…lols. Anyone Kena the same letter [O] as Me? if yes, do give some idea…haha…

Alright, here come to the end for my today post. Haha, save some other word for tml post. hehe, thank for ur coming! Tag before u leave!
TakeCare peeps!