Xmas Tour At Orchard Road


My SE K850i die today!
8 hrs of shopping,
Xmas tour in Orchard Road,
More Event coming up!

Great! Just had my bath and now blogging about today! haha…Well, i am very very very tired now after 8 hrs of shopping at Orchard Road! lols, 8hrs man…Legs kinda tired now. Oh ya, before i write about thing happened in orchard, just wanna share with you guy something. Know what? MY SE K850i handphone die today! walao leh…one die dunwan die, die on today…Lucky got spare phone to use… kinda sway (unlucky) but nvm, will be sending this phone to service this coming monday.

ShortCut (Not write in detail) post for today due to tired…

Alright, 8 hrs of shopping at orchard and i can said that, me and my cousin (Qingyi) had shopped all the shopping mall in orchard road! LOL, we met at 11.30am at plaza sing and took our lunch there. After that, we start our shopping! went to alot of places and just wanted to spend all our time and wait for night to come! why? cos we wanna see the Xmas night at orchard! haha…
Hrs past and was night time. We saw the orchard was full with people together celebrate Xmas there.

More event coming up! I am going busy soon next week. haha…schedule almost full sia, lols. But nvm, i will still update here! So, do wait and see! hehe…

Ok…i think i stop my post here, sry, really tired…Took 80 plus of picture today and will choose those best to upload onto my blog. Anyway, thank for reading and visiting^^ have a nice weekend! haha…

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Hey guys, Picture had uploaded above…
Take alook on Different between Day Time and Night Time of orchard during christmas season! haha, Do enjoy the picture! TakeCare!