TOP 7 MUST EAT Food in FengJia Night Market (逢甲夜市)


During my days spent in Taiwan, I visited my first ever night market outing in Taichung, Fengjia Night Market. It is one of the largest and prominent night markets nestled in Taiwan Taichung, selling a dynamic range of authentic Taiwanese foods and latest fashions.

Fengjia Night Market

The FengJia Night Market is located right next to the Feng Chia University and with the increasing interest in food and fashion, it has attracted youngest to walk along this casual street. Hence, it was an eye-opening night for me too.

night market


In this trip, I am glad to know a group of friendly Taiwanese friends and appreciate their time spent with us in visiting the FengJia Night Market. Through their guide, they had brought us to hunt good food in FengJia Night Street and today I am going to share with you guys the TOP 7 MUST EAT FOOD in FengJia Night Market, cost less than S$4 SGD each!

taiwanese friends


TOP 7 MUST EAT FOOD in Fengjia Night Market!
It is a must TRY because you probably won’t find the same authentic taste in Singapore or in another country!
taiwan night market


1. 大肠包小肠
taiwanese food


Turning in at the right corner of Fengjia Night Market Street, you will find this famous stall selling大肠包小肠, one of the most authentic foods in Taiwan whereby you will be biting sausage within a sausage.  It is quite fulfilling in term of the bun size, yet is recommended for sharing.

taiwanese food


2. 明倫蛋饼
foods in taiwan


Follow by the明倫蛋饼, one of my favourite street dishes in Fengjia Night Market. Fresh egg mixed with healthy ingredients to create a flavourful taste pancake.

taiwan pancake


3. 台灣臭豆腐
smelly tofu


The smelly Toufu probably is the least choice among all people but I managed to try my first bite on this 臭豆腐! Guess what! It tastes awesome! The aftertaste is not smelly at all!!! Lolol… Don’t get trick by its smell.

taiwan smelly tofu


4. 芋头冰
fengjia market


Besides smelly stall, there is this small booth selling Taro ice drink. It is also one of the famous Taro booths in Fengjia Night Street selling a range of Taro drinks. Worth to try!

Taro drinks


5. 台灣炸雞扒
fried chicken


If you are in Taiwan, you will never want to miss out their crispy Taiwanese Fried Chicken!
Crispy Fried Chicken


6. 雄爺雞蛋糕
fengjia night market


Quite bite on their traditional雞蛋糕!
taiwanese food


7. 逢甲地瓜球
taiwan fengjia


Group photo with friends from Taiwan and Malaysia!
Call it a day! Can’t wait to see them again! ^^
Taiwanese friends


FengJia Night Market (逢甲夜市) Location Address:

Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407