Singapore’s First Hollywood Horror Film: The Faith of Anna Waters Movie Review


Singapore’s First Hollywood horror movie’s The Faith of Anna Waters, directed by director’s Kelvin Tong and lead cast by Elizabeth Rice, Matthew Settle, Adina Herz and local artiste’s Adrian Pang. The film started off with a satisfactory visual which caught my eyes-attention on the first 10 minutes of the scene. Likewise, the visual colours of the cinematography displays has also changed the perception view of Singapore landscape.

The director has driven the attention away from the typical Marina Bay scenes and changing its focus on the black and white bungalow nestled in Whitley Road. Although some part of the scene may look alike in “demonic possession” and exorcism movie but the director’s Kelvin Tong has successfully gave a uniquely Singaporean fright taste in this first Hollywood horror movie.

The movie literally scares me out of sudden when the live-horror images in sync with the panicking sound effects that making you to remember this movie for life. Overall, I rate The Faith of Anna Waters movie: 4/5 star. Worth to watch! The Singapore’s First horror movie’s The Faith of Anna Waters movie will be officially release in Singapore on the 12 May 2016 at all Singapore cinema theatres.

The Faith of Anna Waters Movie Synopsis:
Tenacious journalist Jamie Waters travels from Seattle to Singapore to investigate the mysterious suicide of her older sister Anna. Inexplicable events at Anna’s new house and the odd behaviour of her daughter Katie lead Jamie to a string of bizarre suicides involving strange allusions to the Tower of Babel. The supernatural forces arrayed against Jamie intensify when she receives emails from the dead Anna. With the help of her sister’s former husband Sam, Jamie races to solve the mystery of Anna’s death as demonic forces attack Katie and evidence mounts of the Tower of Babel rising once again – in the form of the Internet.