The Broken Marbles Short Film by Hp楊鴻鵬


Hi Readers! Welcome to April! Today I am going to share with you guys my latest short film which I did in early March this year. The short film title called ‘Broken Marbles’.

A couple of week back, I received the storyline from my friend’s Darren Sim who studied in Singapore Management University (SMU), and hence this is a short film in Bahasa Indonesia language. My first impression of the storyboard was meaningful, therefore I agreed to direct and produce this Bahasa Indonesia film for the SMU students.

Likewise, I had a great moment filming with the SMU students under the blazing weather and glad that I managed to film everything in a day. Check out some of our behind-the-scene photos here! ^^

This is a kind of detective and investigation film regarding an incident happened at Bedok Reservoir. Without further do, let’s sit back and enjoy the ‘Broken Marbles’ Short Film below here. I don’t dare to say it is the perfect short film but still hope you will like it. *Smiles*

Director/Producer/Editor:  Hp 楊鴻鵬  |  Story Written: Darren Sim
Publisher: Hpility Production