The Attractions in Seoul South Korea


Hi Readers! Welcome back to my South Korea Post! Today is the finale of my South Korea trip post. I have introduce you guys the Busan City, Tongyeong City, Suncheon City and lastly will be sharing about my journey in Seoul City, one of largest city in South Korea. The heart of Seoul with my travel mate’s Grace and Nchy! ~

We check-out our hotel in Suncheon and proceed on to the Suncheon Station for our KTX ride to Seoul. The KTX tickets from Suncheon Station to Yongsan Station cost at 43,000 KWR and the ride travelled was about 2 hours.

Yay! Finally we had arrived Seoul! We took a taxi to the Fraser Place Central Seoul Hotel for our check-in. The Fraser Place Hotel was located at the nearest walking distance of City Hall subway. Likewise, Fraser Place Central Seoul Hotel is one of my favourite hotels in Seoul with its luxury and comfortable interior design which consists of a Living Room, Master Room and Kitchen.

It’s time for us to explore the attraction places in Seoul. We took a subway to Myeongdong station and exit 3 from Myeongdong station and took a 12 minute walk up the hill to visit the Namsan Cable Car and N Seoul Tower.

Ticket Counter at Namsan Cable Car Station

On our way up to the Seoul Tower!

Heading up to Seoul Tower!

Yay! First time seeing Sakura Flower in my life! 

Carnival Activities and Street Performance Happening at Seoul Tower

Beautiful Sakura Flower ^^

If you are first time visiting Seoul then you definitely must visit the Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower) because it will give you a spectacular experience whereby you will step on top the centre highest point of 480m tall Seoul to view the amazing city.

The Lock with your loved one

Stunning sunset at Seoul Tower

One of the things to do at night in Seoul is to watch a non-verbal performance. Here is a newly launched show call WEDDING. WEDDING show synopsis: The groom and friends stand together to persuade the father-in-law who doesn’t like the groom. The groom keeps trying to do things to please his father-in-law but it doesn’t work. Suddenly, the have an uninvited guest and the wedding hall turn into a festival!

Entrance to WEDDING non-verbal performance

It was my last day in Korea and I decided to catch up with my Malaysian/Korean Friend’s Jamie who is currently studying in Korea. Thank my friend and really appreciate her time for bringing me around the night life in Seoul. I visited Hongdae in Seoul, walking down the Hongdae street, I realised that it was a happening place for young teenager to shop for their fashion, a place where you can enjoy the delicious Korean cuisine and those who love night life, this is the place for you to party in.

The road guide at Hongdae Street

“Hongdae-ap (the area in front of Hongik University) is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art markets, and gourmet eateries make this a popular hang-out for locals in their 20s and 30s and a fascinating place to walk around.”

Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae

Real sheep at Sheep Cafe! Cool! So cute! ^^

Running Man’s HaHa Shop

Chill out at Aa Museum in Hongdae

My friend and I went to visit some of the unique café in Hongdae such as, Cat Café, Sheep Café, Hello Kitty Café, Aa Museum Café and etc…  The Shopping heaven in Hongdae were fashionable and affordable and also the street performances along Hongdae road side were lovely too.

Yup! My first time travel to Korea and I love Korea! Lastly, I would like to thank Korea Tourism Organization (KTO Singapore) once again for the sponsored trip! It was an amazing and fun trip together with Grace and Nchy as we share the exciting moment for the one week in Korea. Awesome Experience for me! Hahaha… Hope to visit Korea again! Annyeong ^^

For more information about Korea, Guide to Korea and Update of Korea, do visit KTO official website and facebook page.


  1. Wow. I want to view the sakura blooming too! What is the rate for one night stay at the hotel? Look like I can put a whole family in. And the "meh meh" looks familiar ;p

  2. The sakura around the Seoul Tower are so beautifully bloomed. So how's the hello kitty Cafe, is there min expediture required? Heard the Taiwan Hello Kitty Cafe required a min expediture.