Taiwan Travelogue: Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) in Taichung Xinshe


Satisfy your hunger at Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) nestled in Xinshe District. If you directly translate from the word ‘菇神’, it means God of Mushroom! As Taichung Xinshe is famous for its mushroom, therefore this is a MUST place to visit for your lunch, afternoon tea and dinner delights.
Master of Mushroom Restaurant

Welcome to Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神)

Mushroom Restaurant

The exterior of the Master of Mushroom Restaurant was surrounded by the magnificent Mountain View and their interiors was a relaxing and home-feel ambiance and give the space given, it allows guests to feel the natural breeze while having a delectable meal.

Mushroom Restaurant in Taichung

黑木耳 vs 白木耳


Mushroom Hotpot is their specialty cooking style in Master of Mushroom Restaurant. Hence, the organic mushrooms in the hotpot reveal its true mushroom sweet taste to savor guests’ appetite and it is recommended to pair with fresh meats and vegetables and bowl of rice.

organic mushrooms steamboat

organic mushrooms

steamboat in taiwan

steamboat in taichung taiwan

Master of Mushroom

The boss of Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神)

Master of Mushroom Restaurant

Take a few minutes of your break time to enjoy the most wonderful scenic view right outside the window. It keeps you refreshing and may help to ease your bloat moment too.

Master of Mushroom Restaurant Taiwan

清凉的风景 ~


Before leaving the Master of Mushroom Restaurant, do visit their adjacent store, a one-stop place to for you to shop for souvenirs and varieties of dried packet mushroom, mushroom merchandise, mushroom toys and stickers.

mushroom exhibition

Mushroom Products

Mushroom Cookies!

Mushroom Cookies

A one-stop mushroom store

mushroom store in taiwan

Yup! We spent a great time at Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) in Taichung Xinshe.


Master of Mushroom Restaurant (菇神) Location:
No. 287, Xiezhong St., Xinshe Dist.,
Taichung City 426, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10am – 9pm
Weekends/Holiday: 10am – 10pmWebsite: