Food Review: Sunday Brunch at Taratata Bistro


Planning something for a relaxing Sunday?  Step into the heart of Keong Saik Road where this chic Parisian bistro – Taratata Bistro,  is located.

The plush red booth seats and white-and-black checkered tiles of this French Bistro will make you totally forget that you are in the heart of Chinatown.

After 2 years in the scene, French Bistro has come up with a revamped menu to include Sunday Brunch to cater to the relentless brunch crowd in Singapore.

Start off with freshly-shucked Oysters (S$4/piece) served with Lemon and Shallots in Red Wine Vinegar. I personally do not eat Oysters, but accordingly to the rest, these are really fresh and delightful.

Croissants are available as plain (S$2.50), and comes with Chocolate or Sultana (S$3,50). The croissants are crunchy and yet not over flaky, enjoy it over a cup of coffee or tea. Or you can get a basket of freshly baked baguette with butter and jam ($8)

Tuck in the Toothsome Croque Madame (S$16); the gruyere cheese, bechamel sauce and baked ham, sandwiched between 2 pcs of crunchy toast with a sunny side up layered on top, is the perfect match, enticing everyone of us at the dining desk.

As the runny egg yolk flows over the sandwich, you get to taste the sandwich crispy at the edge yet spongy with the fillings.

Oeufs Bénédicte, or rather, egg benedict (S$14) taste great. The hollandaise sauce, together with poached eggs and bacon on toast is a great combination. However, some may find the generous serving of the hollandaise sauce over-whelming.

Oeuf Cocotte, or shirred eggs casserole (also known as baked eggs casserole) is another highlight, and comes in 2 flavours: Oeuf Cocotte à la Ratatouille & et au Chorizo (S$12) and Œuf Cocotte au Jambon et au cantal Vieux Salé (S$12).

Oeuf Cocotte à la Ratatouille & et au Chorizo is filled with ratatouille (stewed vegetables), chorizo (pork sausages), topped up a raw egg and baked over the oven. Œuf Cocotte au Jambon et au cantal Vieux Salé is baked creamy eggs casserole with ham & Cantal cheese. Stir up the baked creamy egg casserole and drip in the toasted bread. While both taste great, I find the latter may be over-whelming due to the richness in the cheese, I personally prefer the Oeuf Cocotte Ratatouille.

Had a bit too much of eggs? How about trying something else? The bistro served crêpes (crepes) in both savoury and sweet.

Béchamel champignons jambom and fromage (S$12) is a buckwheat crepe topped with mushroom and ham in morney sauce. The morney sauce is rather thick and with the loads of emmental cheese, non cheese lovers might get surfeited with the cheese after few mouthful.

Care for some sweet crepes as dessert? We tried both Banana, Chocolate & Chantilly (S$7) and
La Suzette ($12). While Banana & Chocolate is the perfect combination, but this can makes one gets real “sinful” after a heavy meal. I would opt for La Suzette with a zest of orange and Grand Marnier, that is more refreshing with the zesty citrus taste. I wished for more Grand Marnier, but I guess the bistro is mindful of the portion of Grand Marnier as there might be kids devouring it during the brunch session.

The brunch items on the menu are rather reasonably priced, given its good ambience and authentic French cuisine being offered. It is highly recommended to have a cozy afternoon at the Taratata Bistro, be it with your family or friends.

You may refer to the Sunday Brunch Menu here.

Last but not least, Thanks Patricia for the invite.

Taratata Bistrot
35a Keong Saik Road Singapore 089142
Tel: 6221-4506

Opening Hours:
Tues – Fri & Sun
Lunch / Sunday Brunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Afternoon Tea: 2:30 – 5:30pm

Tues – Sun
Dinner: 5:30 – 11:30pm
[Closed on Mondays]


  1. Oh dear… what a way to start off the day with some freshly shucked oysters! The Croque Madame is something i would like to try!