Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses Singapore Launch


Polaroid Eyewear is coming back to Singapore this 2013 and a launch event was held.

We were taken to the heritage trail of Polaroid Eyewear through these framed panels and sunglasses display.

 photo _MG_3113r.jpg

 photo _MG_30981937-40.jpg
 photo _MG_30981937-40.jpg
 photo _MG_30981937-40.jpg
 photo _MG_3122r.jpg
1937s – 1940s 
 photo _MG_30981937-40.jpg
1950s – 1960s
 photo _MG_30951950-1960.jpg
1970s – 1980s
 photo _MG_30781970-80.jpg
1990s – 2012s
 photo _MG_30891990-2012.jpg

There’s also a booth for us to hands on and experience for ourselves, the difference between a Polaroid polarized sunglasses and other sunglasses.  Having tried on, there is indeed a big difference; the Polaroid polarized sunglasses has managed to eliminate more of the glare, allowing better clarity.

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We also get to lay our hands on some of the latest Polaroid designs.
 photo _MG_3102r.jpg

Me and my favourite Polaroid Eyewear, Model# A8313
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Together with other bloggers who attended the Polaroid Eyewear Launch Event.
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Edwin Herbert Land, the founding father of Polaroid, began experimenting with light at an early age using kaleidoscopes. In 1929 Land invented the first synthetic light polarizer and he named it“Polaroid” from “Polarizing Celluloid”. This invention was used to make the first pair of Polaroid sunglasses sold in 1935.

In 1937 Edwin Land founded the Polaroid Corporation and the Polaroid brand was born. Mass production of Polaroid sunglasses began in earnest, creating a new market for fashionable polarized eyewear which Polaroid has dominated through the decades.

Since then Polaroid continues to research into technology and design, evolving its great expertise to seek a breakthrough in quality and technology in polarized sunglasses to achieve even better results in terms of eye protection, clarity of vision and wearable comfort:
UltraSightTM– The premium polarized lens featured in all Polaroid Sunglasses with technology for
eliminating glare. UV light absorbers are bonded to both sides of the filter, blocking all harmful UVA, UVB and UVC light rays.
ThermofusionTM– The unique lens technology where ThermofusionTM process optically fine-tunes the lens while curving it, resulting new UltraSightTM lens with improved polarizing efficiency and greater visual acuity, allowing the eye, and the wearer, to relax.

 photo Advantage_r.jpg

In April 2012, Polaroid Eyewear joined the Safilo Group. The proprietary brand’s portfolio has been enriched by this iconic brand with its extraordinary history of innovation and passion.  Heading towards its 76th year, Polaroid is now a renowned global sunglasses brand, trusted all over the world for premium Polaroid lenses and wearable design.

Check out some of the latest Polaroid sunglasses here:
  photo PLPA4301B_312SE_w2700x1200px.jpg
Model# PLP A4301B
 photo F8302C.jpg
Model# F8302C
 photo PLPA8306C_8UEML_w2700x1200px.jpg
Model# A4301B
 photo P4139C.jpg
 Model# P4139C
 photo P8342B.jpg
Model# P8342B
 photo PLPA8315B_1R5SE_w2700x1200px.jpg
Model#  A8315B
 photo P8328A.jpg
Model# P8328A
 photo PLPA8312C_222H8_w2700x1200px.jpg
Model# A8312C

Our eyes, are just as precious as our skin, and need protection from the harmful UV rays.  So it is high time to look into the Polaroid Sunglasses, of trendy designs, yet not compromising on the quality.  The Polaroid Sunglasses will be available in Singapore Optical Stores at around May, selling at an affordable price range of SGD $84.00 – $145.00.

Other lines of Polaroid eyewear products, such as, sports sunglasses, and optical frames will be available in Singapore at a later date.

To learn more about Polaroid Eyewear, visit http://www.polaroideyewear.com/


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