Creative Ways To Spice Up A Basic Outfit

Basic Outfit for 2020

basic outfit fashion in Singapore

The average Singaporean spends around $1,500 on clothing and footwear every year. This figure shows that looking well-dressed and put together is of utmost importance for many people, especially for working individuals. Shopping for new clothes every month can be an exhilarating experience, but it may lead to a lot of questionable fashion choices and buyer’s regret. Moreover, it can put a significant dent in your savings, particularly if you have a habit of buying designer items. The good news is there are some cost-effective and sustainable ways to upgrade your style, and that’s by wearing fashion accessories to change your look. Here are some creative ways to spice up a basic outfit.

Shawls and wraps as boleros and neckwear

Shawls and wraps are evening and formal wear staples, and you can get them in a light material to wear to a summer wedding or in sumptuous silk to add elegance to a formal gown. But you don’t have to reserve these accessories for night time events as these can be used to elevate even a simple white shirt and jeans. A chiffon shawl or pashmina can be worn as a bolero– simply drape it over the shoulders, then bring the fringed ends to the back and tie it in a knot to secure. Meanwhile, to dress up a tank top or sleeveless shirt, loosely loop the pashmina around your neck, making sure that the fringed ends are hanging down in front. Once that’s done, pair your top with faded skinny jeans, cute flats, and a colourful handbag, and you’re good to go.

Enamel pins for visual interest

Enamel pins can add visual interest to any outfit. A cluster of pins on a white dress shirt or jacket can give your look a quirky and unique feel — try taking three pins that share a common theme (food, anime, pop culture, and the like), then pin them to the front of your jacket or shirt. Make sure that the placement is not too high or too low. To ensure that it looks right, measure 2.5 inches down from your collar bone, then go two inches to the left or right side of your shirt. That’s where you should place the first pin.

The second pin should be placed right beside it, and make sure to leave at least one-fourth inch of space between the two pins. The third pin should be at the bottom of the first two pins. You can also attach pins to your jeans and pin them right over your front pocket, or place two similar pins near the points of your collar. Even a fabric bag can be spruced up with a couple of vintage pins. Whatever you do, make sure to place pins on only one piece of clothing. Having pins on your shirt, jeans, bag, and jacket is overkill, making you look as though you’re back in the 80s.

Jeweled brooches as hair jewelry

Jewelled brooches look fantastic when worn as hair jewellry, and you only need a few hairpins to secure them to your coif. They’re best when worn on one side of your head, but you’ll need to style your hair a bit if you want to wear this accessory. The simplest way is to brush and blow-dry your hair until it’s perfectly straight and smooth. If you prefer a bit of texture, you can use a curling iron on your tresses to add some waves. Next, do a side part, then with two or three hairpins, attach the brooch to the opposite side of the part, just right above your ear. You can also use jewelled brooches to dress up an elaborate bun but only do so if you’re attending a formal event.

Wearing accessories in a creative way can elevate the look of even the most boring outfit. Try these tips to change up your look and turn heads wherever you go.