Over Crowded Day


An Over Crowded Day,
Job Attachment next week onward,
Few days back and Today photos

Very fast, here come the second last day of my holiday. Next Monday, not school open infact job attachment! As i say, i was attached to Asia Pacific company together with some of my classmate along but so far, i still wondering how the company look like…haha. Alright, Today post might be EMO or Boring and Picture Post. Miss my holiday those enjoyable time really much, especially with friends and family traveling to some interesting places ^_^

Maybe i should blog something about few days back while i visited Bugis new open shopping mall beside the bugis street. Tat day was 8th of april, i met QiaoEr, Desmond and Kaizhi at bugis junction. Actually should say, I met QiaoEr and Desmond first, after that Kaizhi den met us at bugis junction KFC. We ordered some Food to eat first before going to the new shopping mall. Well, Kaizhi also show me some of his FYP which he had done so far…haha, he keep complaining that his lecturer keep reject his master piece! xD To me, i find that his master piece give me a feel of lomography effect! overall should be able to pass ar! haha

Alright, Bugis new shopping mall…Look very nice and diamond design..lols, many people say the design look werid but i think is called unique! xD Heard from Kaizhi said that, during night time, the view of the new shopping will be nicer. oh ya, btw, i dunno wad the new shopping mall name called…cos they didnt put there! LOL…Well, See some picture below which me and kaizhi had taken during that day~! Enjoy…

Today! Yes, i went out again! haha, afternoon time, met fazil at Tampines and we took mrt all the way down to tanjong pagar to search for his attachment place. Well, we found that company after one big ROUND walk and know wad? we found the OLD mediacorp station! hahaha…Alright see some picture below before i end my post here…

After Tangjong Pagar visit, we came back to Tampines and we went to Tampines one and Tampines Mall. Today Tampines One was over crowded!!! kinda diffcult to walk for today…haha didnt manage to take any photo at tampines one due to too many people walking here and there…lols

Tats all for today!
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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