Job Attachment Day 1


First Day of Job Attachment
AsiaPac Company,
My 555 blog post…

Hey people! Here come another new monday for everyone…As my days goes by…i am attached to AsiaPac company with some of my fellow friends…Well, this not my first time working in company, before that i was working at diners club international company…However, after the Manager introduced AsiaPac company to us, i found out that it was totally different in its working environment! Engineer side, they fix fujitsu notebook or so called lifebook!..I was part of the enginner side! xD..Alright, read the next few paragraph to know more about happening today!

First day of work, Met li ling, fatin and some of other friends at Redhill mrt control station and once everyone gathered, we took bus proceed down to the company. Well, Company was huge and tall in its building size…We are posted to level 5 as AsiaPac service department. The supervisor bring us to meeting room to fill in some form application and introduce the company to us…

Bleah Bleah Bleah~ Few hrs past,

After lunch time. I and Daniel started the training session on how to dispenser notebook part. However we were separated into 2 group…and Me having a partner or we can called “shi fu” (Master). He teached me quite alot of thing today…As how to dispenser notebook and scan hard disk and RAM with the Right Software. Overall, i can said that, the older the fujitsu notebook is, the harder to dispenser their SPARE part! xD haha…After all, my day of work started from 9am and ended at 6pm sharp…haha, So far so good…Hope can enjoy this job for the rest of 2 month!

Hoho…Before i end my today post…wanna thank to Erlina for the Blogger Award! This time the award picture very nice! like it alot! haha…Cheer with blog Cheer with bloggers! gonna have one gathering in May which i still under planning on it…xD

Tats all for today!
Tml and the next few day post might be interesting! So Stay Tune! dont switch channel hor! hahaha…xD

Thank for ur reading and viewing!
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