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Happy Good Friday to everyone
MyBrute Game
3D Image Viewer

Hello people…Let me give me quick short post for today! haha…First of all, i added a poll beside on the left side of my blog, Everyone feel free to do those 3 question survey! haha thank you first…tats all for today…

Opppssss…Sryyyy…Still got 1 more thing nid to post for today! haha..Recently i play one new game called “My Brute”. This game very simple, just create ur character and let your character Fight with others. Btw, the Fight is AUTO, you all no nid to click anything, just seat back and watch the Fight will do! haha… Well, Let me show you a picture below!

Not Happy With Anyone in your life? Join this game and smack their ass up! hahahaha
Here the link to fight with me:

Next…Introduce everyone a very cool 3D image viewer which i found out in the afternoon today. This 3D image Viewer called as “Cooliris” However, this only work when picture are from google image,facebook,youtube and flickr. It give out the view of 3D style while you viewing the picture. Btw, This is an [Add-On] to Firefox and IE web browser only! xD haha….Pretty Cool View and i like it alot! Well, Visit this Site to know more about it:
Below Here are some of picture which show you how cool the picture viewer was! xD

Tats all for today!
Thank For your reading and visiting! xD
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