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Tampines One Open
Tampines 1 Japanese Style number one!
The Unique Shopping Mall!

Woohoo People! I’m back for blogging purpose now! haha…Fill with full of excitement today..why? because Tampines one officially open since morning 9am today! and as i am people living in Tampines, i sure drop down and visit this mall! well, guess what? it attacted total for 42k of people visited this shopping mall today. Haha, can said that singapore finally got new shopping mall to walk and shop…Really happy cos is near my house! haha xD

Afternoon, met Daniel (my secondary school long lost friend) haha, at tampines library. By right, is to have lunch first before visiting Tampines one but due to our excitement, we decided to go have a look on Tampines one first den for our lunch. Alright, see the next paragraph for my review onto this Tampines One shopping mall in singapore.

Review on Tampines One
Feel a strong Air-Con blow by while i standing just outside the Tampines mrt station, the feeling was so cool under the warm weather. haha, First step into this shopping mall, i can said that, it was awesome! It give me a look which the place look something like plaza sing shopping mall but after walking through repeating 3-4 time in this mall, i realise that, this Tampines One focus more on Japanese style.

Level 3 of Tampines One, whereby every shop goes with Japanese, such as Japanese Food,Japanese Shirt and so on…Actually not only level 3, whereas other level, they also do sell japanese style item. I can said that, this Tampines One is just like a Shopping Mall located in Japan! lols… Very Green and unique View. At the last level 6, which was the rooftop, also called it as open plaza…it give me a view of cool and refreshing…people who shopped for few hrs and legs get tired, you all might wanna go ontop of open plaza to have a seat and have a “full” view of Tampines! xD

Well, Me and my friends, went into some shop such as, G2000,TopMan,SonyStyle,CHALLENGER,SPRINGFIELD,HangTen, bleah bleah and so on….total of 170++ shop at there…and one shop impress me was [UNIQLO]! This shop is crazy!! wanna know why? because this shop only located at Tampines One throughout the whole singapore. But heard that, the second one they open will be at orchard. Anyway, this [UNIQLO] attacted alot of customer because their shirt and jeans are fully imported from Japan and the design goes with japanese style~! Saw some Nice T-shirt and i like it really alot! haha… Not to forgot that, today the first day of opening, all man/ladies wear, or deco item are come with DISCOUNT!!! lols…Everyshop you went in, sure got discount provided you buy 2 and above!…

Since first day of mall opening, Me and my friend brought some Polo Tee Shirt at G2000. Mine cost $36 each but with the discount of 50%, i just nid to paid for $18 for my PoloTeeShirt. xD haha…Overall, i like this shopping mall pretty much as it give me the sense of Japanese style. Oh ya, btw, If you wanna hunt sushi or Japanese item, this mall is ur best choice! haha…

So what you waiting now? This coming weekend, At home nothing to do? or very free? Drop by to Tampines 1 now! You might have the same feeling as Me! haha
Visit this link to know more about this shopping mall:

I wanna try food and drink from this 2 stall:

And…tats all for today!
Thank for reading and viewing of my Review on Tampines One [PART 1]! ^^
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