EMPIRE Premium Massage Chair Review


Do you wish to have someone who can give you a massage after a long tiring day at work? Or are you a massage lover who frequently spends money at the massage parlor to relieve your tensed muscles? If so, this EMPIRE premium massage chair will be a good addition to your home.

Owning a luxury massage chair has always been a distant thought for many because it is usually too expensive and it also takes up too much space. However, EMPIRE offers affordable premium massage chairs starting from only $1,399 and with a space-saving design at only 0.7m x 1.5m, it is currently one of the smallest full body massage chairs in the market, unlike traditional bulky massage chairs. It can easily fit in the corner of your living room or bedroom. Its sleek design also fits well with modern, minimalistic home decor.

Empire Massage Chair

Here are the 6 key functions of the luxury massage chair:
1. 10 Hands Sensation Massage

This massage chair has massagers all over – from the neck, back, hips all the way to the legs. These massagers are designed to give a full coverage for your body as if there are 10 hands massaging you at the same time. If you have an injury on any part of your body which is not suitable to be massaged, simply de-select the roller for that area and you can still enjoy your massage for the rest of your body as usual.

2. Heat Therapy

Suited at the calf areas, an optimal temperature of 45-degree Celsius is slowly applied. The pairing of the heat and kneading motions of the rollers delivers a warm and relaxing feeling, which helps to ease muscle tension and pain as well as improve blood circulation.

Empire Chair

3. Zero Gravity

The chair can tilt up to 170 degrees, gives you a feeling of floating in the air and relieves pressure on your spine. The rollers can also work better as they reach deeper in comparison to you being in an upright position.

4. High Quality PU Leather

The massage chair uses high quality PU leather which is built to last and withstand long years of usage while being easy to maintain. This is perfect for busy individuals or families. You can simply clean the chair using a damp cloth or leather wipes.

5. Whole-body Compression Airbags

The massage chair has compression airbags all over – from shoulders, hands and all the way to calves. This feels like being pressed by an actual massage therapist. The application of pressure followed by its release feels very comfortable especially on the shoulders. Compression therapy helps to relieve fatigue, stress and pain from the body.


6. Leg and Sole Reflexology

Dedicated Sole Rollers are very good for people who stand or walk for a long time during the day as it is effective in relieving aches.

This is also great for ladies who wear high heels often or for long hours. The compression from the airbags and the rollers for the feet will help to reduce water retention and swelling as well as alleviate the pain from sore feet. There are many acupoints located on the soles that lead to the rest of the body so leg and sole reflexology can be very helpful to the body.

Empire massage chair


For a massage chair with so many essential and useful functions, it is truly value-for-money at only $1,399. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate with its touch panel so you can easily customize your massage to your liking.

One of the most attractive points about the premium massage chair is that with all the above functions available, it is available from only $1,399, where usual industry prices can range from $3,000-$5,000, which makes it a very good investment especially for those with a family.

I also love that it comes with wheels at the bottom which lets me shift the massage chair easily when I need to clean the floor. I have been using this EMPIRE premium massage chair since it arrived. It fits in well in my home and has been delivering what it has promised.

This product is currently available for purchase directly from EMPIRE via their website www.empire.sg, priced at $1,399 with 1-year onsite warranty. If you would like to try it out before buying, you can make an appointment prior heading down to their showroom located at CT Hub #09-19 2 Kallang Avenue Singapore 339407.