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Hello everyone, welcome back again! Time flies fast and here it come friday weekend again! My internship currently left with 10 days!!! (Excluding saturday and sunday), cant wait for my holiday to come and mostly will run on event,outing and gathering stuff…I am counting down to the last day of my internship! xD

Today got 2 news to share..Good news and Bad news..or can be said as sad news…Morning, while working half-way…received a call from Watsons Company and was told tat i has been chosen for the Friendly Face Award nomination…i was happy but after knowing the photoshoot timing and some meeting timing, it crashed with my internship time and i ended giving up this contest application. Kinda sad ar… Someone will take over my place…

This my first time so called joining the big company contest, getting pass into the 1st round, but couldnt make it for the 2nd round…Well, The prize are very attactive as in, if i accepted, i would be able to win $2,000 cash, 1-year modelling contract with GLOW magazine and 1 year supply of attractive product gifts. ouch! *Missed my golden opportunity*

Alright…Change topic here…

After been playing for Restaurant city and Pet Society for certain period of time…The Next thing gonna blog about is…BarnBuddy! Yes! i found this game on facebook since last week…haha, after playing it for one week and i find that it is cute and fun! All you nid to do is just Farm,Plant,wait for it to grow! Another way of earning exp, is to STEAL fruit and vegetable from your Friends! haha…

Anyway, go Click Here and try it out now! Do Add Me in facebook if you are playing it…SO THAT i can STEAL your vegetable! Bleah~ haha

Before i end my post, check it out for this week face! Are your face appearing again? if yes congrats to you! if you are new visitor, den must visit more! Faces in community will updated here every friday but the screenshot taken might not be exactly friday…haha

Tats all for today…
Thank for your visiting! xD
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  1. dun be sad norh :O
    be happy larh 😀
    there is always a new chance for you 😀

    since watson had alrdy called you means u have been choosen long time ago till now thn thy call u now ? or mayb other company also choosen you, but let watson choose you first? 😀