Mediacorp Channel U’s Blockbuster Drama – Start-Up! 《创!》 Private Screening


Channel U Start-UP!  《创!》 Group Photo
(Photo Credit: Meclub Official FB Page)

There was a private screening event by Mediacorp Channel U at the Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar a couple days ago, where we get to preview some of the scenes prior to it’s tele-casting.

(Photo Credit: Start-Up!  《创!》 Official FB Page)

Prior to the screening, we get some refreshment by courtesy of Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar.  Look at these, doesn’t they looks delicious?  The food in Onaka are prepared with wholesome and mainly organic ingredients and cooked in healthier manners,so we can eat without guilt! Air-fried croquettes, Watermelon Sashimi, Sugar-free Brownie, etc…

The event was hosted by Ben Yeo and the producer of Start-Up!  《创!》, Phillip Lim, was actually the co-creator and executive producer of highly-acclaimed TV series, The Pupil.  This is his very first Chinese production.
Mr Phillip Lim shared that this drama serial was inspired by a graduate who ventures into entrepreneurship despite all obstacles.  Start-Up! meant to go behind the scenes of entrepreneurial tech companies and charts the journey of young Singaporeans who turn their backs on the conventional 9 to 5 corporate jobs after graduation.
Then came Tay Ke Wei 鄭可為, who present the theme song of Start-Up!  《创!》, which she has written the lyrics.  At the same time, she reveals that she is in preparation of her 3rd album, and this time will be a solely mandarin album, however the release date can’t be confirmed yet.

After Kay Wei’s performance, we get to preview the show and it is definitely something to look forward to.  It talks about Yin Xuan (casted by Rebecca Lim)  becomes an entrepreneur and fights to succeed despite violent objection from her family and betrayal from her friends. With sudden implications from an event that happened years ago, Yin Xuan comes to face her greatest challenge yet.  After watching the below trailer:

Finally came the main casts – Rebecca Lim Hui Ling 林慧玲, Kate Pang 庞蕾馨 and Zhang Zhen Huan 张振寰.  However for some reason, Tay Ping Hui (Zheng Bin Hui) 郑斌辉, did not turn up for this event.  The 3 casts, share about the roles and highlights of the drama serial.  Psst, there will be intimate bed scenes of Kate Pang and Zhang Zhen Huan!

As usual, after all the screening and interview, etc, there will be games session with the attendees, lead by the cats.  Team A – Rebecca Lim, Team B – Kate Pang and Team C – Zhang Zhen Huan.

After 3 rounds of game, the winner is Team C!!! The winners get a goodie bag with some exclusive Mediacorp products, and including a pair of ceramic coasters with the autograph of the main casts!  Coincidentally, I’m under team C and so you get the previlege to check out their beautiful autograph

Last but not least, Start-Up! 《创!》 starring: Adeline Lim 林赞银, Kate Pang 庞蕾馨, Rebecca Lim 林慧玲, Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉, Xiang Yun 向 云, Zhang Zhen Huan 张振寰, Zhu Hou Ren 朱厚任 will makes its debut on Channel U from 28th Mar, Every Wed – Fri, 8pm. 

Remember to catch it on next Wed, 28th Mar on Channel U!