Korean TWENTY (스물) Movie Review


TWENTY (스물) Movie Review:
What have you done in your age of golden twenties? Well, Korea new release comedy and romance movie’s ‘Twenty’ will recall your youth memories. ‘Twenty’ is one of my favourite Korean movies in this summer. This is a lovely and creative film story written and directed by director’s Lee Byeong-Heon.

This film features a group of prominent and eye-candid Korean artistes such as Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-nuel and Lee Jun-ho, Jung So-min, Lee Yu-Bi and Min Hyo-rin. The movie tells a story of the three best buddies who turn twenty and sharing the most embarrassing moment of their lives. Splitting into three different comedy scenario, ‘Twenty’ movie will make you laugh like crazy throughout the whole two hour screening.

I rate this Korean ‘Twenty’ movie: 4/5 stars. Korean TWENTY (스물) movie will be releasing on 25th June 2015 in Singapore cinema theaters.

TWENTY (스물) Movie Synopsis:
A super-charming slacker who pursues a life of doing nothing after high school; a retaker who works hard for his dream of becoming a cartoon artist despite the financial harships; a college freshman whose college activities are entirely geared toward attaining his ultimate goal of landing a job in a global corporation…

A radiant comedy about three best buddies who turn twenty to share the most embarrassing moment of their lives!