Korean Haemoo (Sea Fog) Movie Review


Haemoo (海霧) Movie Review:
Haemoo (Sea Fog) is definitely a movie not for the faint-hearted as the storyline progresses, the movie-goers are in for a thriller roller-coaster ride.
The movie do started off pretty jovial and innocent, showcasing the daily lives of the South Korean fishermen out at sea, working hard for their survival & hope of getting big hauls from the sea every time they were out fishing.

Set in the year of the 1998, when the Asian countries were hit badly by the Financial Economic Crisis, earning a decent living was challenging then. In dire state of desperation, Haemoo presented the ugly side of the truth in human nature where selfishness & greed reigns at the expense of the lives of others.

Lost in direction amidst the mysterious Sea Fog, the dark unknown lurks in the background, just like the dark evil persona of a human.

A fresh approach on criminal thriller, expect heart-wrenching scenes as the storyline flows with thought provoking ending that leaves you guessing the different possibilities for the outcome.

HAEMOO Movie Synopsis:
Based on true events, is the story of a group of fishermen who are driven into madness when their attempt to smuggle illegal migrants ends in a horrible tragedy.

Six crew members –led by the captain, is the kind-hearted chief engineer ‘Wan-ho’(Moon Sung-geun) who had an eventful life and lives hidden on the boat. To the naive and youngest crew member ‘Dong-shik’(Park Yoochun) who just started working aboard the ship recently– begin their dream of having their boat with a full load of fish. However on the open sea, they are transporting something, it is not meat but human beings!

To protect the ship and their livelihoods, Captain ‘Cheol-ju’(Kim Yoon-seok) suggests to his crew members the job in helping to smuggle [stowaways]. Numerous of stowaways who risks their lives and comes across the sea, and the six crew members who are on board a fated boat. Amid that, an unknown ‘sea fog’ to which they cannot see what’s in front of themselves comes down and they become swept into an uncontrollable accident…

Article Written By: Crane Han