Hpility blog CNY header


Hpility CNY blog header,
My 491 post, Chinese New Year coming in 9 days time.

Hello people, welcome to my Chinese New Year 2009 theme blog! Feel so excited that CNY is coming in 9 days time! lols, might be buying CNY stuff tml. haha…Alright, by the time this post has up, you guy had saw my latest blog header which contain CNY theme on it. 2 main thing had changed, Blog header and Blog Navigator…pls see the next paragraph to know more detail about it.

BackStage of my CNY Blog Header
This year, Ox year, therefore i had 2 golden Ox inside my header and was created by the effect of adobe photoshop. As i said, this header will be focus more on photoshop effect, thus i also created a pair of orange,words and effect of me using photoshop. Firstly, i wanna thank Henry Lee for helping taking a good picture on me and with the pure white colour background, it make me more easlier to create this CNY header.

This header, consider of photoshop gradient effect which i usually do. Well, 1st background was created myself and 2nd background picture (something like ox shape) was taken from google image. Ox Angpow also from googles image. By enhance the overall effect, i also used adobe flash to make some word animated by using the fade in and out effect.

People may ask, why the word 牛转乾坤 came out 2 time? well, actually is like tat de…If should read it as “祝大家:新年快乐,牛转乾坤,身体健康,万事如意”。The last part 牛转乾坤 came out is because to gather every word before the header fade out and reload it again. haha…

I hope you all like it ^^ this my first time creating CNY header in 2009 and may do drop a comment inside my tag chat box too!

Blog Navigator
Same thing here…i had changed my blog navigator which were ‘Profile’, ‘story’,’exits’,’production’ and ‘credits’. Picture had changed and may do click it on the OX icon to navigate see more thing on my blog! xD

CNY Song In My Playlist
So wad give me the idea on creating this blog header? haha, dont shock if i say it…Is the 2 song feature now in my blog now, 大团员 and 庆祝. I start finding CNY song since last week while i was creating my header but somehow i nid idea…so i blog hop and found one blog had ‘lots’ of CNY song, so i requested and he send me. This guy is Thlun, you may visit him if you u wanna listen more cny song. One of my friend also do send me the song, she is EVON.

I like 大团员this song very much, because inside got say: “大团员大团员不管距离有多远,好朋友在身边我们约定这一天。”…..“恭喜恭喜乐无边”。This two quote give me alots of idea in designing my cny header. Do listen and i bet u will like it too^^ haha… In my view, Chinese New Year is a great day to allow family among us to gather together and share the happiness to everyone. And of cos not forget the New Year ANGPOW, i guess people who haven marry will like it very much cos they can collect as much angpow as they can! lols…btw, more cny song coming up next week ^^

Alright, i end my post for today…Remember to comment either in my tag box or my msn! i will choose the top 10 best comment and i will post it in my next coming up post! xD The person i post will be credit as well *smile*, So dont wait now! just drop a tag will do! haha…

Thank for ur reading and viewing
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