Brought CNY Stuff From NTUC


Buying CNY stuff with my family,
The spend before CNY.

Chinese New Year is coming in 7 days time yet till now i still under fever condition. argh! so far only recovered 70% only…Alright, let blog about something happening today…Afternoon till evening, went out with my parent and sis to Tampines Mall to buy CNY stuff. First, i brough a short sleeves shirt from GoldLion due to its last day promotion and after that we proceed to do some “research” on which company sell the cheapest cny stuff. Out of “shop N save”,”Gaint” and “NTUC”, we decided to go NTUC for hunting our CNY food and drinks.Taken trolly and shop inside NTUC for couple of hrs..brought alot of ‘common’ cny food and drink as well. Total spend more than $100! lols…common lor…every year the same…However, today buy thing is somehow not the right time ar…crowded with so many people! Head abit dizzy now, nid to rest…so sry to said that about the CNY header credit to….i will post it tml cos still got some of my classmate haven give me comment. (There are so called VIP) lols…Alright, i stop my post here for today…TakeCare and have a nice day peeps! xD

PS: More Picture coming up反射光的夢想