CNY Greeting Card from blogger


Received a CNY greeting card from…
Spring cleaning Time.

Chinese New Year is coming in 5 days time and for today, i was very surpise after opening my mail box. Guess wad? I received a CNY card greeting from a blogger! AND she is…….Joanne Chan (JC). haha, i knew her last year through nuffnang innit! xD

Well, As a year of OX year, her card also came with some little cute OX deco on the card with the word 牛 2009. Inside the card, also filled up with some greeting note for cny…and wanna thank you (JC) very much…haha ur handwriting look nice..*smile* Like it very much too ^^

Today morning till afternoon, as usual went for lecture followed by having my computing maths test. Great to say that i finished the paper on time and i guess was quite easy…i know some of my friends didnt finish the question but nvm, let enjoy the coming public holiday first before knowing the result! *bleah~* haha…

I have uploaded 3 CNY song in my blog today…For this coming days till CNY eve and CNY, i will upload more chinese new year song and will keep shuffle each day. This mean tat features song will be keep changing each day…haha, i am too excited into CNY…

Talk about spring cleaning…I guess now every house is doing their spring cleaning now either to me. Clean here and there…Wash here and there…throw here and there…LOL! but it was fun! hehe…Anyway, still got more thing nid to prepare before CNY day! =D

Alright, some short update for today here…
TakeCare peeps! xD
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