Tiger Beer VS Carlsberg



Nuffnang Nickname changed,
Tiger Beer VS Carlsberg.
Hello everyone! welcome to my blog once again…Today, my nuffnang nickname had sucessfully changed…thank to nuffnang helper, they do thing fast…haa, why i said that? ytd night i send a ticket to them and today morning my name changed…lols, Anyway, my Nickname had changed from celestial90 to hpility. From C group to H group! hehe…So nn peeps! dont forget me! i am still alive! haha…
CAUTION: Since my post today is about Beer….mean 18year old above den can read…BUT here…i dont care you above or below 18 yrs old…can or cannot drink…Girl/boy/man/women….As long as u visited Me, i will say a big THANK to you! hahaha…. Alright, Beer post start from next paragraph onward.
Today title very simple right? Tiger Beer VS Carlsberg….why? cos CNY is coming…lols…Well, As Chinese New Year time, i guess every house will sure buy a either Beer or any alcohol drinks. Common Beer i drink during CNY is Tiger Beer and as for carlsberg, very rarly drink …So, wonder which Beer should buy for this year CNY 2009? hmm…Dont worry, to those who cannot or dunno how to drink beer, to be fair, i will write a post on soft drink next week..! haha…Ps for those who like drink heineken…cos my main vote focus on today are Tiger and Carlsberg Beer xD

I had interviewed some of my classmate in the afternoon, and most of them had choose Tiger Beer as their drinks. Well, i guess Tiger Beer is very common in singapore…maybe is because of cheaper price? haha…actually not so sure too…Maybe i shall post some picture below…

So peeps! do you drink deer? opps..oops..psps Is BEER! So People Do You Drink BEER? If yes, which beer, Tiger or Carlsberg, you prefer the most? you can drop the comment inside my [Tag-Chat box] and will reply asap…xD
For those people under 18 or cannot drinks, u can vote by which beer advertiser had the nicer design….u Do Support Blue or Green? haha…Alright, i end my beer post here…thank for ur reading and viewing…BTW, not to forget that FRIDAY (16/01), blog header will be change! and not only that…this friday you will know! hehe
Looking Forward to Chinese New Year 2009!
TakeCare Peeps! xD
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