Fragrance Tea Delights in Taiwan Nantou City


Indulge with the delights authentic tea fragrance in Taiwan Nantou City. This is my second part of tourist attraction highlight in Nantou and for tea lovers, you will definitely love it. Thankful to 台中市展智創意策略設計有限公司, this fruitful journey had brought us to visit the 林吉園以茶會友馆 located in the heart of Nantou City.

Origin from China Qing Dynasty and with the long historical passing down to the current modern world, Nantou in Taiwan today becomes the world famous area in producing oolong tea.

Nantou City


Hence, in 林吉園以茶會友馆, it is a perfect place to gather tea lovers and I was amazed by the array of oolong tea grading from one to ten collections.

Fragrance Tea


Besides learning the interesting history of oolong tea, we had also experienced the different tea aroma via the tasting session. Likewise, for guests who are interested in tea collections, you may get more information from their tea expert before purchasing your tea set.

Taiwan Nantou City

Tea sets



I am holding a 700k worth Tea Collection!
expensive tea


Group photo with the Bloggers and Media (Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan)
Nantou City


A cup of valuable tea comes with generations of tea leaves cultivation. Our last destination of Nantou trip has brought us to visit the Yoshan Tea, a tea culture house nestled in Zhushan Township in Nantou City.

tea fragrance

authentic tea



Reconnecting back with tea history, YoShan Tea the elegant and classic tea culture house exhibits a series of unique tea generations for guests to have a deeper knowledge on tea plantation and cultivation process. In this peaceful ambiance, you will also get an opportunity to see the different kind of tea sets display and table arrangement for traditional tea ceremonies.



Their age is 100 more time than mine!


Over the walkthrough, you are also able to learn the real technique of tea tasting and tea brewing with their tea expertise.

tea fragrance


DIY session was the fun activity in this trip whereby we hand on in smoothing the oolong tea leaves and customizes them into a tea bag. This casual moment has taught us a useful skill in tea leaves packing as well as to present and preserve the strong tea leaves aroma.



Here is my tea bag in doll shape! Cute right!


After all, we spent a great time learning, tasting and brewing tea at YoShan Tea at Tea Culture House. I am glad that this is one of the wonderful local attraction places to visit in Nantou City. This place is located at 19, Yanping Road, Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan, opening from 9am to 5.30pm daily, free admission.

Taiwan Nantou City


Apart from visiting Taiwan Taichung and Nantou attractions and learning their cultures and history, this fruitful journey has brought us together in strengthens our friendship from a stranger to good friends. Cheers!

Waving off the sunset to call it a day in Taiwan, Nantou City.


Nantou Taiwan



No. 291, Section 3, Zhongzheng Road, Lugu Township,
Nantou County, Taiwan 558