Exciting things are happening at Resorts World Genting Perfectly for Family and Friends Bonding

Resorts World Genting

When was your last visit to Genting Highlands? Well, my last trip was back in 2013; where ever since Resorts World Genting embarked on the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP). Time files, last April I took a short break and visited the Genting Highlands again. I am impressed by their hospitality and their make over. More family-oriented activities are available at Resorts World Genting. Due to climate change, the weather was not as cold as the year back in 2013. However, my holiday experience with Resorts World Genting was still amazing!

Genting Highlands

Are you planning to visit the Genting Highlands for holiday this year? If yes, here are the exciting things to look out for:

Eat, Shop and Play at SkyAvenue Mall

The grand Sky Avenue Mall at Resorts World Genting is a unique retail concept that brings visitors into a whole new lifestyle experience. The 5-storey high shopping mall featuring more than 100 top retail and restaurant brands from around the world.

SkyAvenue Mall

What’s more other than shopping? Visitors can look forward to enjoying all-day open-air dining at SkyAvenue’s rooftop restaurants and bars. For nightlife and entertainment lovers, you guys can either party at the most popular nightclubs or catch a movie at the cineplex with IMAX facilities. In short, you definitely will not get bored!

SkyAvenue Mall is convenient to walk from the Theme Park Hotel.

SkySymphony Genting Highlands

Be amazed by the magnificent SkySymphony

SkySymphony is located in the center stage of SkyAvenue Mall. It is one of the largest permanent winch installation and the first multimedia winch attraction in Asia. There are currently three inaugural shows namely the Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess. While shopping at the SkyAvenue mall, visitors can enjoy the music with the motion on the screens too.

Awana Skyway

Breathtaking journey with the new Awana Skyway

Let’s take a look at the Genting Highlands landscape! The thrilling gondolas rides are now available in transparent glass floor. During the ride, passengers can thrill to a spectacular bird’s eye view of the 130-million-year-old rainforest surrounding Resorts World Genting. If you are a scenery lover, go for the transparent gondola!

gondolas ride

For your info, you will have an option of disembarking at two stops to explore the attractions around Resorts World Genting. You can either alight at Chin Swee station to enjoy the panoramic views or remain in gondola until the final stop at SkyAvenue station which connects directly to the SkyAvenue shopping mall.

Malaysian Street Food

Indulge the authentic taste of Malaysian Street Food

Resorts World Genting provides you with the most originality, delicious and quality Malaysian dishes at Malaysian Street Food. It is located at the top floor of SkyAvenue Mall, featuring the most popular Malaysian dishes such as; Sarawak Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Yong Tau Foo, Hainanese Chicken, Bak Kut Teh and more!

Malaysian dishes

The Food Street is spread over 5 zones, with 20 stalls, 3 kiosks and 1 drinks counter. It can cater to 1,000 people every hour and also serves a variety of favourite local desserts such as Cendol and Ice Kacang.


Motorino – First Pizza restaurant in Malaysia

For Pizza lover, here is your alternative dining option. Welcome to Motorino at Resorts World Genting. The authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant opened its first outlet in Malaysia, located at the level 1 of Sky Avenue. The Motorino restaurant offers diners true Neapolitan-style pizza in wood ovens imported from Italy. Furthermore, Motorino also offers over 20 toppings that can be added on to existing pizzas.

Motorino Pizzas

Burger & Lobster at Resorts World Genting

Have you heard of Burger & Lobster restaurant? All the way from London, this restaurant opens its first outlet in Asia located at the Sky Avenue Mall @ Genting Highlands. The burgers at Burger & Lobster are made purely with 100 percent Australian beef, with no fillers. For more, the 150-people capacity restaurant will offer a view of the new Twentieth Century Fox World theme park when the attraction opens.

Entertainment at SkyAvenue

Fun and Interactive Indoor-Entertainment Attractions

What’s more? Let’s take an escalator up to level 4th of SkyAvenue Mall! The Resorts World Genting provides young adults and kiddos a whole world of fun and interactive entertainment. Visitors that step into the area will immediately be greeted by armored elephants.

Visitors can also look forward to delight in the entertaining activities such as; discovering the species of dinosaurs at Jurassic Research Center, escape the terrifying Zombie haunted house and get engage with the optical illusion art at the Alive Museum. Lots of fun awaits you and it is absolutely a perfect place for family and friend bonding.

Entertainment Genting Highlands

Zombie haunted house

The operation times for the indoor entertainment attractions are from 10am to 10pm daily. Likewise, prices for the attractions may be purchased separately or in a combo of 2 or 3 attractions. Prices vary for standard tickets for adults and children and for Genting Rewards members.

RedTail Bar by Zouk

Partying at the trendy RedTail Bar by Zouk

Something you shouldn’t be missing at Resorts World Genting! Gather your friends and start partying at Asia’s best nightclub – RedTail by Zouk. This new-style gaming bar helps to increase the vibrant nightlife scene in Genting Highlands. Guests can enjoy exciting cocktails while they indulge in a variety of games like Xbox E-Games, Beer Pong, darts, and more! It also offers the perfect setting for pre-club drinks and group celebrations.

Not just a Bar, RedTail also regularly host competitions and opportunities to go head-to-head against players across the world with exciting, real-time e-gaming tournaments. Another unique offering at RedTail are cocktail classes for patrons that would make perfect team-building activities for corporations.

RedTail Bar by Zouk

Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park

One of the biggest transformations in Resorts World Genting is the unveiling of the world’s first Twentieth Century Fox World theme park. Currently, the theme park is not available to the public. It is expected to be ready from next year onward! Stay tuned for the ultimate rides in Genting Highlands!

Lastly, we hope that this piece of insights will help in your itinerary plan to Genting Highlands Malaysia. Exciting things are happening at Resorts World Genting and you shouldn’t miss it! Cheers!