End of March 2009


Last day of march 2009
As time goes by…here come my 545 post…

Time flies fast, Days pass fast… here come to the end of march in 2009. Same goes for today, every last day of the month sure will be wordy post..haha. Well, trying my best to give the shortest wordy post for today! xD *blog it as song goes*

In march, I taken my exam followed by having my holiday since first week of march 2009 and as holiday started, i went outing with friends, enjoying all over the places. IT Fair held in march and i went there 3 time with different people and they were fazil,darshini and nath. From this IT fair, also met some familiar faces such as, Lester,zhiyong,joshua,weijie and joyce. One keep good memory was that, when i walked over to the sudden attack game stall, i was kena Sudden Attack by the 2 pretty lady! lols…i guess this sentence weijie know who i talking about! bleah~ hahaha…

Right after IT fair, Few days later, i attended a gathering which organized by weijie whereas aim was to meet Yu Ling who working at the changi airport T3. So, we gathered at popeyes located at B1 of airport T3, by den there also siyi,joyce and kaizhi attended. Well, throughout this gathering, i knew Siyi and YuLing as a blogger in nuffnang. xD Overall, nice chat with you guys…~

Next, In march, i watched few movie and they were, “watchmen”, “Dragonball Evolution”, “coming soon”, “Street Fighter chun li”, “Confession Shopaholic” and “Mall Cop”. LOL, watched 6 movie in a month…hehe but do i really spend on my money? haha dont think so… 😛 But First of all, i wanna thank jerome for watchmen and coming soon tickets…next, thank to nuffnang for the confession shopaholic tickets. Great movie watched this month as different movie give the different storyboard line and their visual effect was pretty cool too!

Middle week of march, i continue back my new header design. Actually i started create this new header since feb but due to final exam, i delay till march. So far so good, is finishing soon..Well, some people asking, so when the new header release…haaa! hopefully by the end of april can put up in my blog! xD Other than tat, i also started create the new navigator and label…This time, the theme will be different from the previous! xD

In March 2009, i also came up with few interesting post such as Sony Ericsson Idou phone review,Movie reviews, cappuccino cheesecake post, event post and Food Hunt post reviews which attracted quite number of visitor…Thank everyone who visited here in march! As a record, i broke 7k of views in march! haha.. thank you ^^ Everyweek, one Food Review and Phone review post. Hope in april will have more viewer!

In Last week of march, whole world celebrate the earth hour day whereby switch off the light for one hour help to save the world. Some people had their great celebration but some dont. My house area, i still see light around yet very slient, compare to other country, they are party around in the dark world. haha…

In March, too many good memory to keep with. Holiday can be enjoyable but it can be bored when i came to working condition or maybe slacking at home…However, time flies fast, just few more hrs to go, it turn april! hoho…1st day of april is april fool i know…BUT it also my releasing of exam result!!! Kinda nervous now…haha..somehow dunno why they wanna release the exam result on april fool date itself…lols… *good luck to me*

Alright, tats all for today! Goodbye march 2009!!
Thank for ur visiting! xD

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