Happening April Fool


Got Back My Exam Result…
My Blog turn Cemetery?
Fooling people around today?
My Design for Gergory MusicBash Party!

Hello People! Welcome the first day of april 2009! haha…Happy April Fool To Everyone. Today, i guess most of the people (including me) had turned *Evil*, hehe…fooling people around…lols. Alright gonna blog out one by one…

Today Morning, also my exam result releasing date at 8am. So i woke up around tat time, went online and check my result…I am so happy to see my result! haha…Networking paper got graded B But Computing Maths graded A!! haha…still rememeber few week ago my post say “my computing maths sure get A” and today it really happened! hahaha… *this one not april fool hor* xD

Really Omg
After checking my result, i decided go innit and nuffnang account to check out something…So check under Keyword section AND i saw this keyword “What is the name of the cemetery where the plane crashed”! LOL! I told people they tot april fool sia… See the picture below!

Saw that…since there other keyword, let me make one sentence for this april fool day~ Here the sentence goes: Dragonal Evolution Review on cool phones today which use to search what is the name of the cemetery where the plane crashed on hp dv3600 and dragonball evolution after credit all to hpility.blogspot.com! xD

Bleah Bleah Bleah~

Soon later, i went into msn chat with kaizhi,weijie,Asher and josh…So as conversation started, i realise some are busy here and there…left me and kaizhi…hehe, wanna know how i april fool him? see the picture below!

LOL! i told him i going for the nuffnang music bash this saturday in malaysia! haha he believe! However, he told me tat he also kena tricked by his friend this morning…lols..1 day kena 2time xD

************************************************************************************Gregory Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 Picture
Hoho~! Afternoon time, i also help Gregory by designing a thumbnail or i can said a picture for his MusicBash Dressing. Well, was conversation with him in msn awhile and he said that he wanted to dress as 15 years ago Lee Hom (Wang Li Hong). But i say, “i think you look more like JayChou (Jie Lun) with jacket”.

I decided to help him design a thumbnail to look more like JayChou! Took some picture from his blog (As he allow too) and started with my production using photoshop. Created and Edited for 1hour and it came the final picture. One Word i say, Cool! haha…I hope he wont get shock yea!! hahaha… Gregory may look shy with his T-shirt But It can be Cool Guy once his Jacket is on! Yo Rocker!! Yo Yo!! Hip-hop Pop Style! (I designed for him) Tats all for today! Hope you all had enjoyed your April Fool Day ^^
Thank for ur reading and viewing! xD
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