Bloggers Lunch Meeting


Bloggers Lunch Outing at Saizeriya Restaurant
Good Food On My Blog Part 11

Food Hunt Bloggers:
Weijie, Josh, Joanne Chan, Venessa, Ryli and Maiko

My Great sunday with some bloggers as we plan up last mintues to meet for lunch at Liang Court-Saizeriya (Japanese-Italian Budget Restaurant) which located at Clarke Quay. Actually this plan was very last mintues whereby the food found by weijie and he introduce to me. Well, we only called few bloggers along cos we scare later the food taste turn bad or expensive…however, the food taste yummy! Alright, Read or see my next few paragraph for more excitement about the lunch gathering.

Sunday afternoon, A quick plan outing held at clarke Quay whereby, Venessa,Josh,Weijie,Ryli,Maiko and Joanne Chan agreed to come hunt good food with Me. So, as i came out of clarke Quay control station, i saw Venessa followed by Josh. After that we proceed on to Clarke Quay Central to meet Weijie, Joanne Chan and Ryli. We started walking toward the Liang Court from Central and it took as 10min to reach. Kinda fast and therefore, we went into Saizeriya Restaurant for our lunch! *Hungry mood* haha…

After looking at the menu…we almost wanted to order everything from the menu! lols, Ryli small size but she eat ‘ALOT’..lols, 20min later, we came out a plan on ordering a main dish plus with a side dish which was pizza! yay! Pizza~ hahaha…

Our Food had ordered, therefore we called the manager to help us take a group picture before we went into eating! *Bite sound* *Food Smell* *look yummy*! haha, As soon as my first bite on my grilled chicken…Maiko came! woohoo! eat eat eat….bleah bleah bleah…Josh ate the fastest among all xD and so on…till we all ate finished.

We chill and have our conversation on many different topic…*keep it secret* hehe, dont tell you all wad topic we discuss on 😛 bleah! haha….But two main topic we discuss was “Flying from sg to malaysia” and “who the next featured blogger in nuffnang?” Overall, we end our conversation at 5.30pm and as for we took a picture infront of Saizeriya Restaurant main door before we leave.

Next, Venessa and Joanne Chan leave due to something on and same goes to Weijie for birthday party~! haha…Left Me,Josh,Ryli and Maiko…the 4 Emo bloggers, chill somewhere at Central. Chat awhile after den, took train back to home.

Review on Saizeriya Restaurant Food
Haha, Good Food On My Blog Part 11 bring to you Saizeriya Restaurant which located at Liang Court Level 2. This restaurant bring you a feel on Japanese mixed with Italian style. I pretty like their Food which i had eaten today and one feeling they give me, is tat their main focus in every dishes was on Cheese. Every dishes i saw, it sure have the flavour of Cheese! haha… Well, not every meal cost less than $8 but i think is worth it! xD… We ate the pizza and everyone say tat it taste better than pizza hut Pizza! lols…Alright if you are interested in this restaurant, you might wanna visit this link below!


Here, This my first time attending bloggers Lunch outing and for, wanna thank you all for attending this Food Hunting Session! lols…Hope you all had enjoyed the feel of Japanese-Italian meal.

Tats all for today
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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