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What is BB cream?
B.B Cream , also known as Blemish Balm, started off as a soothing treatment balm dermatologists use on patients who underwent laser skin treatment. In recent years South Korea set off wave’s nude makeup. It looks like there are no makeups general, transparent skin showed shiny gloss flu, follow this trend, Popularity gradually rising in South Korea, BB CREAM, and a new generation of Americans nude makeup by the focus of attention, a synonym for American goods.Best use of time!
When suddenly dating/ no time to makeup when go to work/ when nearby the supermarket/ very oily skin/ sport, when travelling abroad/ want to show when nude makeup/ would like to stay at the natural cover pox.BB CREAM characteristics
1. Protect the skin to prevent external stimulation and UV rays
2. Addition of makeup, but also with features such as wrinkles and whitening
3. Isolation cream and with the effectiveness of sunscreen, more convenient and fast on makeup
4. For extra good effect, those oily skin people are easier to set the makeup
5. To make a nature makeup and healthy/uneven skin colorVisit AbsolutAffairs Now!!!
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