FoodFair 2009


Food & Beverage Fair 2009
Today, actually doesnt wan to intend to go food fair 2009 due to my lazyness…But I forced myself in the afternoon and went to visit the FoodFair 2009. Actually FoodFair and IT Fair are the same, in singapore, they will held at least 3 to 4 time of event like this. So, missed anyone also nvm de. xD

Alright, some short review about the first singapore foodfair which also known as “Food & Beverage Fair” in 2009. The event was held at suntec city and one thing surpise me is like, this time FoodFair the population seem like decrease alot. lols, maybe due to heavy rain? haha…I reached there around 4pm plus and after taking a tour inside the FoodFair Hall, i realised that all the food and drink are almost same as last year foodfair which held at singapore expo.

However, while looking at some stall just now, i found one currypuff stall which have a damn long queue. So i went over it and queue as well…After looking the choice of those puff, i decided to buy one blackpepper chicken puff and it cost only $1. haha..I ate the blackpepper chicken Puff and i can said that is delicious, the juice of blackpepper chicken very tastly! yummy! Btw, it located at the middle of convention hall 4.

Overall, this time Food Fair was still fine to me, i not dissappointed but if compare last year, i prefer last year which had more ‘interesting’ food than this year! haha Maybe i will wait for this coming mid-year foodfair event.

Haha, tats all for today!
Thank for ur reading and viewing! xD
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