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Singapore Nuffnanger Gathering at Airport.

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Blogger who attended: Me,Weijie,Kaizhi,Joyce,Siyi,Yu Ling

After resting for so many day, yesterday i was invited for a nuffnang gathering which organised by Weijie. This time, the venues was held in changi Airport due to one of our nn innit was working there. Well, i met some new faces and compare to the last batch i went, i can said that this batch group is much more smaller and the voice is much more slient. haha…New faces i met yesterday were, Siyi and Yu Ling.

The gathering meeting time was 4.30pm at airport T3 – Popeyes. everyone reached on time, at most late 5min but somehow dunno why, the organised weijie was late for 35min! lols…nvm, after introducing ourself to the 2 new comer, we proceed on to order our food for our dinner. This my first time eating popeyes meal…so i went check food price list….is something like KFC but the price was slidly expensive. Well, Me,weijie,kaizhi ordered the 3 piece chicken meal, each meal for $9.80! haha

Everyone had order their food except siyi who is not hungry. haha, While eating, we chat and took some candi shot..bleah bleah bleah and so on…spend around 1 hrs inside popeyes. Overall, i still like popeyes chicken meal cos is really nicer than KFC! hahaha…

Dinner time finished, we proceed to viewing hall for some photoshoot. But before that, we went to one shop call “mango tango” and i wonder why they dont call logo? lols…bleah~ alright, so we went there looking for weijie friend,shop,see… awhile later we proceed to viewing hall. Dunno why, very suay, no arrowplane…opps, aeroplane i mean * lols

Since there no aeroplane to see, we went over to T2 but the result still the same. Soon later, Siyi and Yu Ling got to go, so left Me,weijie,Kaizhi and Joyce. We went over T1 and back to T3 again for some supper. Chill in Ya Kun for some coffee and bread. However, we have our conversation till 10pm, den we leave the airport place and tat end our gathering session. Haha…Lastly, thank to weijie for organise this gathering. xD

Tats all for today! thank for ur reading and viewing…haha
Photographer Special Thank to Kaizhi

Organizer Thank to Weijie
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