8 Reasons Why Mr Unbelievable Movie is a Must Watch


First impression by everyone was; what!? The “Unbelievable” song has turned into a movie? Yes it is! The ‘Unbelievable’ song has make the journey onto the big screen, directed by our local director’s Ong Kuo Sin (王国燊) and lead cast by the Mr Unbelievable’s Chan Tian Wen (陈天文), presenting you their featured songs debut in this unbelievable movie.

Here are the 8 Reasons why Mr Unbelievable Movie is a Must Watch!

1. Localicious
Mr Unbelievable movie has a good script written relating to Singapore realistic life story. In line with the Singapore 50 (SG50) celebration this year, the director’s Ong Kuo Sin has a great fusion between the past and present, showing a dynamic change in Singapore culture from the 60s to the current year. Thus, it is definitely a movie suitable for all Singaporean regardless race or religion as the taste of the movie will allow you to recap the Singapore history, language and culture.

2. Incredible Music and Songs
Oldies music and songs outdated? I don’t think so! Any oldies songs will turn into an incredible music in Unbelievable Movie! So people might be thinking that from Hokkien song lyrics to English version will sound weird, but you are wrong! In the Mr Unbelievable movie, I am impressed by their creativity in term of conceptualize the Hokkien music and English lyrics with perfect music arrangement. The music is definitely catchy and will make you remember for life. Un Un Un Un Un Unbelievable~!

3. Humorous and Heart-warming
Majority of us must be thinking that this movie is 100% comedy and entertaining. Yes it is! But the unexpected plot twists will make you tear like mad! Honestly speaking, I got touch by some of the scene as it reflects to my real life situation. Likewise, the Mr Unbelievable is the most humorous and heart-warming movie to end off the SG50 celebration. Remember to bring packets of tissue along to watch this unbelievable movie!

4. Life Inspirations
This movie not only making people laugh like crazy but at the same time, it inspires and motivates people not to give up in their dream. “Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”

5. Stun Like Vegetable
The story concept and humorous creativity level has upgraded to a certain extend that the full version of Mr unbelievable movie will make you stunned like vegetable. Maybe after watching this movie, you may want to create a flower-vegetable bouquet for your wedding gifts.

6. Unbelievable and Memorable
The moral of Mr Unbelievable movie teaches you to believe in yourself. “No matter how old you are, you must believe and persist in your aspirations. You must believe in yourself to make yourself unbelievable.”

7. Featuring the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Stay tune for the last part of the Mr Unbelievable movie as there will be a finale unbelievable SG50 music video by the casts. I love the unbelievable SG50 music video, is very meaningful and touching. Not to forget that in this movie, it also featuring the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. *Watch it in the theatre and you will know why!*

8. SG50 Elements
The movie comprised of SG50 elements such as pursuing your future dream, National Birthday, Singapore Cultures, featuring the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the jubilee moment and etc… Overall, Mr Unbelievable Movie make a beautiful and prefect round up to conclude the year-end SG50 celebration.

Mr Unbelievable Movie Synopsis:
Born on 9 Aug 1965, Eric Kwek Hock Seng takes it upon himself to the symbol of national pride. He follows every national campaign with great support and interest. Raised in a predominantly Dialect/Mandarin speaking environment, English was a hard language to master for Eric; especially with his family thriving in a local Getai business.

However, Eric wants to change all of that by adding English lyrics into Chinese songs albeit to strong objection from his family and friends. Undeterred, Eric Kwek sets on a musical journey that sees him through mostly lows and finally hits a high when he is a ripe old age of 50.

This film aims to highlight the value that no matter how old you are, you must believe and persist in your aspirations. You must believe in yourself to make yourself unbelievable.

The Mr Unbelievable Movie will be release in Singapore on 3 December 2015! Get ready to be stunned like vegetable! I rate this unbelievable movie: 4/5 star.

Photos credit: Clover Films